Are Your Tweets Timely?  Are Your Tweets Timely?

Ever wonder why some of your tweets make more of an impact than others? Sure, we all do!

Do you know why?

Don’t just quickly answer YES, because I’m about to ask you to tell me. Hmm…need to time to think?

You probably thought of one or more of the following:

  • It depends on the headline or what you’re tweeting
  • It depends on the time of day or night when you’re tweeting
  • It depends how many of your followers are online at the same time and paying attention
  • It depends on how many lists you’re on that people can go back to and check for missed tweets
  • It depends on how many followers you have
  • It depends on how many of your followers are active or “engage”
  • It depends on your Klout score or your online “influence” – think again!
  • The list ofit depends goes on…

Am I right?

Looks like we think alike :D. But have you ever taken the time to analyze when your tweets have the most impact? As in Dan Zarrella style?

In all honesty, neither have I. My assumptions are simply based on common sense or educated guesses.

I pretty much tweet whenever I have something to share or say to someone. Basically, whenever I want or have time. But once in a while, I manually schedule a tweet or two with Hootsuite to go out while I”m away. You see, when I go to bed, most of my blogger friends are just finishing dinner. And believe me when I tell ya, I’m usually up till the wee hours of the night. Damn time difference sleeping habits!

Enter Timely

According to Sysomos, roughly 71% of tweets are ignored or get no response from the twitterverse.

Well, there’s this relatively new web application from the good people at Flowtown called Have you heard of it? Cause I hadn’t till now and I’m quite the fan of Flowtown’s work.

It seems that Timely helps you schedule up to 9 tweets per day so that they have maximum impact. Basically, they find the best or “right” time for your tweets so that:

  1. They have an audience
  2. They have the biggest potential of being retweeted

How Does it Work?

As your Twitter account changes and your following grows, Timely automatically adjusts accordingly and provides you with new predictions. Heck, I wish they made an application that could tell me when the money train was passing by!

You’re allowed as many Twitter accounts as you like and you can also invite an unlimited amount of collaborators to work on the same account. Meaning – if more than one friend or colleague manage the same account, they can all work together.

Now, I could get into the details by regurgitating what the Timely folks say or I could simply provide you with this self-explanatory screenshot from their website.

How does Timely work1 Are Your Tweets Timely?

My Ramblings Thoughts

Sounds pretty simple eh? Yes and no, I suppose. But I”m not much of a techie. However, I would have preferred that the system base its analyses on a little more that 199 tweets.

According to TweetStats, I tweet about 33 times a day. I’m not sure how accurate this is but if that’s the case, then Timely would be basing its predictions on my last 6 days of tweeting. Granted, each person has their own ‘twythm‘, but I’m assuming that many if not most of the folks who would consider scheduling a few tweets (or already do) or who’d want to know when to target their tweets, would be avid Twitter users – so they may want to have their results based on more than a few days worth of activity. Just my 2 cents.

Anyhow, I think I’ve analyzed this more than I should have so let’s just see how it goes for now.

I only signed up yesterday and I wanted to try it out for myself to see how well it works. The good thing is that it provides you with a basic performance metric that displays each tweet along with the clicks it received, the number of times it was retweeted and its overall reach.

Timely performance Are Your Tweets Timely?

Hmm…better luck on the next batch ;). Shoot, now I might have to convince you that I do get retweeted every so often lol.

You can also see the articles that are waiting to be tweeted and can push them up to so that they can trade times with the first one in line.

Timely queue Are Your Tweets Timely?

I think a little drag and drop option would have been pretty neat here. It would give you a little more control and would make switching tweets (all while keeping the same times that were advised) more practical than with the “Move to Top” option you see now. Not sure if that would screw things up or not but just another of my 2 cents worth.

Anyhow, this is still my first day of trial but I think it’s an interesting tool to try out and do a little research with to get an idea of when you’re getting your strongest responses. So if you haven’t already, do give Timely a go and see when your tweets are golden because all in all, the concept is quite clever and easy to use. Plus, it’s absolutely free (unless you upgrade to the pro version), and you’ve got nothing to lose!

In the long run though, I’m not sure whether I’ll keep using it or not. So far I’m happy having everything under one platform – it just makes my life easier. But I’m definitely curious to see the results from this experiment so I”m at least giving it a week or so. You never know – I could always be persuaded.

Have you tried Timely?

Were the results what you hoped for?

How accurate do you think this tool is?

Do you now have a better idea of when to tweet your posts or other?

I’d love to hear your review on this tool if you’ve used it and even what you think if you haven’t.

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    I pretty much tweet whenever I have something to share or say to
    someone. Basically, whenever I want or have time. But once in a while, I
    manually schedule a tweet or two with Hootsuite to go out while I”m

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  • nursery furniture manchester

    I came across this tool and thought it would be interesting to try out for a week or so to see how accurate their predictions actually were. I thought the concept of predicting was pretty neat. Since Timely is the one that actually picks the time that the tweet you’ve manually inserted is to go out – I was curious to see the results. I wanted to know if such a quick analysis based on only 199 of my last tweets was possible. It’s a small experiment but as I said in my article and in a few of my replies to comments – I’m still a Hootsuite gal and what they offer is more than enough for me.

  • nursery furniture manchester

    I pretty much tweet whenever I have something to share or say to someone. Basically, whenever I want or have time. But once in a while, I manually schedule a tweet or two with Hootsuite to go out while I”m away. You see, when I go to bed, most of my blogger friends are just finishing dinner. And believe me when I tell ya, I’m usually up till the wee hours of the night.

  • Kavya Hari

    Generally, it has to invite unlimited number of person to work in the same account. Its really great information on here:-)

  • Sean McGinnis

    My two cents? Read this – – and just say no to or any other service (including tweetwhen from HubSpot) – same problems all the way around.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Sean and welcome :)

      Thanks for sending me the link to Tom Webster’s article – very interesting indeed – and some excellent points about data dredging.

      I just thought this concept of “predicting” best times was interesting and wanted to see if it actually works and how accurate or efficient it is or if it’s pure coincidence and BS. I was curious to try it out for a week or so. But the concept in itself is clever and it caught my attention so I said what the heck – let’s give a short go and see the results – if any.

      I appreciate your 2 cents and hope to see you around these parts more often.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s interesting too and am glad you brought it up to stay up to date on what is out there. It’s also good to know the flip side from @seanmcginnis. Thanks to you both!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          You’re right – it’s always nice to have both sides to anything. So I’m glad Sean stopped by to share that link with us :). It’s something I wanted to try for a week or so and I did. Now I’m back to my usual ways. But again – it is very practical to use as are other tools like Buffer.


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  • Peggy Baron

    Hi Ingrid,

    Thanks for posting about Timely. I’d never heard of it before, or Buffer/Bufferapp. So now I’ve got to go play. 😀

    I’d love to hear any updates on this once you’ve tested it over a longer time period.


  • Peggy Baron

    Hi Ingrid,

    Thanks for posting about Timely. I’d never heard of it before, or Buffer/Bufferapp. So now I’ve got to go play. 😀

    I’d love to hear any updates on this once you’ve tested it over a longer time period.


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Peggy,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      I should be trying out Buffer soon to see how that works and when I do, I’ll try to make the time to write a little something about it as well.

      Let me know how it works out for you if you do decide to give one or both of these a go. As for Buffer – if you have any questions, you should definitely connect with @Leowid (founder) – he should be very helpful in answering any of your questions.

      Best of luck.
      Hope to see you around these parts more often.

  • davinabrewer

    Still have not tried HootSuite yet, had not heard of Timely. I get the theory, you want your work – and yes Twitter IS work – to have the best chance of success, for impact. I’m just not much for the automation aspect, for me – an individual, solo PR; for a brand or larger company, I can see the usefulness of this, provided there are still lots of controls set strategically. Again just much of what you’ve already said. Oh and when you find that app for “when the money train was passing by” please do share. I wish and wonder if I had money 10 years ago, how much stock should I have bought in Apple. 😉

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Davina,
      Great comments you included here :). Thanks so much for joining in the conversation and taking the time to add your input both with me and others. That’s what comments are all about!

      You should definitely try Hootsuite. What do you use now? TweetDeck? or other? I’ve tried TweetDeck before and I have it installed but I’m not too familiar with its options and extra perks so I can’t judge but I have been quite happy with HS so far.

      As for automation – I’m not a fan of it. That should be quite obvious by my active presence and level of engagement. And as I responded in your comment below – while plugging in the tweets whether for now or a later time – I try to personalize it a bit if I can. Because if I’m sending something out that I’ve scheduled for later – I’ve read it or skimmed it thoroughly enough to know that I want to share it.

      My dear Davina – when I find that app, I’ll make sure to let you know – but I may hop on it first and stuff a few pockets before I holler at ya hahaha.

      If I had the money I wanted 10 years ago – I would have gone after Apple as well. Not to mention that little Zucky kid and a couple others.

      Thanks for the wonderful commentS – as always.
      Have a super day.

      PS – Never mind my question – I read below that you use TweetDeck :)

      • davinabrewer

        HootSuite is on the someday list, will check it out.. someday. 😉

  • Thomas

    Hi Ingrid
    I have been wondering at what time a day I should bring my “Braking News” I have not heard about Timely before. For some reason there are not supporting Internet Explorer, but maybe I should take a look at it anyway. Thank you for sharing the tip Ingrid.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Thomas,
      In all honesty I think this tool is interesting to try out and the concept is pretty neat. But I’m not sure how accurate it actually is as I’m still on my 3rd day of tryouts. And yesterday, I didn’t get that much of a chance to use it as I wasn’t online for too many hours.

      I’m sorry that they don’t support IE. What version are you using?
      I’m not the biggest IE fan – I mostly use Firefox and Chrome – maybe you can try using one of those.

      Let me know if you do decide to try it out and how it pans out for you.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      Have a good day.

      • Thomas

        Hi again Ingrid
        I am using the new IE9. I was just surprised that they told me that Internet Explorer was not supported at all. After all a lot of people are still using IE. If I was making an online tool I would try to make it support at least the top 3 most used browsers. I know that IE over the last couple of years has been far behind Firefox and Chrome, but I think that IE9 is bringing them a lot closer.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hey Thomas,

          I’m kinda surprised too. Like you – I would think that the 4 main browsers (Safari for Apple users) would be taken into consideration. Oh well…

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  • Ari Herzog

    Ugh, not for me and shouldn’t be for you either. Let me explain why.

    First, the system assumes a retweet is a tweet that begins with RT. What if I am retweeting something but don’t begin the tweet with RT? What if I add my own text to the beginning? Seems like that wouldn’t be included in the analyzing. Nor would any retweet be included where “RT” is eliminated in favor of a “via @nittygriddyblog” or such mention, right?

    Second, the failure with automating tweets every hour of the day is two fold: people looking at your twitter timeline may assume you’re spammy, aka @cnn, because you retweet more than you reply and/or if someone seeing your RT in their time zone then replies to you hoping for a quick reply back that person may be disappointed if you reply when you log on (and when that person since went to sleep).

    Third, why do you care if something you write is retweeted? Anyone can click a RT button just like anyone can click “like” on a Facebook page. The true question is how many people are visiting your blog post via whatever link is in your tweet, how long they stay, whether they’re visiting other pages on your blog, and/or whether they add a comment. No?

    But these are my two cents. The tool may be useful but I think it would be more useful for an organization than a person.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Ari and welcome :)

      I gotta tell ya – I do agree with quite a bit of what you said here. Thank you for leaving such a thorough comment. I appreciate it.

      The first point you brought up with actually when the questions I asked myself and my first concern. I’ve tried plugging in tweets (manually as I would with my Hootsuite) that either start with an RT or end with a via @xxxx. I have yet to see whether those are being analyzed and taken into consideration.

      Second – the system allows up to 9 tweets a day. And I often tweet a heck of a lot more than that. Maybe not every hour, maybe a couple times an hour and maybe every 5 hours – it really depends when I’m online or active.

      When you type in your tweet it automatically generates a time for it. So far today (in the last hour or so), I’ve read about 7 articles and did not want to tweet them back to back. Generally, I would use my Hootsuite (which in my opinion cannot be replaced by any other tool so far except TweetDeck I suppose) and manually include each – one by one – to spread out the times a bit – as like you said – I would not want to be perceived as spammy. I am everything but that. But right now where I am, it is 4:30 pm – meaning 9:30 am EST. It’s Sunday, so I can presume some people are being lazy and still resting or sleeping. But the articles I read are well worth sharing and it would be great if as many people as possible got a chance to check them out. I’m not on everyone’s lists and therefore they could miss a few that go out.

      I speak for myself when I say I’m generally quick to respond – whether to tweets or comments. But the time difference and life in general is an important factor to consider. But I do my best to present as much as I can. But that’s the case with many. I have readers in Australia who are 8 hours ahead of me and readers in North America who are anywhere between 7 and 10 hours behind me. There’s only so much we can do when it comes to being prompt and I’ll generally make a small not of that in my reply to someone if their original tweet to me was many hours ago. Like I said – I try ;).

      I would definitely agree with you in that my main objective is that people visit my blog, read more than one article, comment and even share. I already established in one of my posts a few weeks ago that I much prefer comments to RT’s but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to see my work tweeted or shared. We all want to grow our community right? It’s a small form of appreciation vis-a-vis my work and I’ll take it. I don’t know whether every RT I receive equals that a read. But I do know that for whatever reason – they thought it was worth sharing.

      And I also like to share other people’s work if I think it’s deserving of it. You asked me on my GP over at Danny’s whether I read or at least skim through everything I share – my answer is still Yes! I’m sure there have been a couple exceptions here and there but I’m pretty good about it.

      I came across this tool and thought it would be interesting to try out for a week or so to see how accurate their predictions actually were. I thought the concept of predicting was pretty neat. Since Timely is the one that actually picks the time that the tweet you’ve manually inserted is to go out – I was curious to see the results. I wanted to know if such a quick analysis based on only 199 of my last tweets was possible. It’s a small experiment but as I said in my article and in a few of my replies to comments – I’m still a Hootsuite gal and what they offer is more than enough for me.

      The bottom line is – I tweet when I have something to say or share. Basically I tweet whenever I feel like it. But once in a while I will manually schedule a tweet (whether an article of mine or someone elses) to go out at a later time. I still have not used the bulk option on Hootsuite. So when I do this – it’s time consuming and I’m conscious of what I’m sharing. It makes me human. And you can bet your bottom dollar then I’ll do my best to reply in a timely manner. I’ll miss a few here and there – but those that know me know that I mean well and that a few misses are normal and okay.

      This tool might be useful for some (organizations like you mentioned) and not for others. But seeing that you’re limited to 9 tweets a day – I’m sure there are other tools out there that spammers may prefer.

      Just my 6.5 cents LOL ;).
      I’ve written you a novel so I’ll stop now haha.

      Thanks again for stopping by here and sharing your valuable thoughts. I hope to see you around these parts more often Mr. Herzog.

      Have a nice Sunday

      • davinabrewer

        Wow, we are so similar in how we RT, plan and schedule.

        I stick to my own time zone really, but do keep things going a bit later into the evening. I just don’t want to pretend I am reading and commenting at 2 am which ok, sometimes happen as I’m a night person but most of the time, not. So I’m not around to @reply or engage, doesn’t make sense for me.

        I do set aside time for the reading, so there are plenty of posts I’d want to share throughout the day, just not all at once. So I do schedule (TweetDeck) them to flow along with my natural, real time tweets. I do add my own little things to tweets, credit original or sharing authors if I can. It is time consuming, but only way I know I’m sharing good stuff and keeping it real.

        Ari’s right about objectives. If the goal IS RTs, followers and such I can see how optimizing a few strategically selected tweets could be valuable, helpful. Looking at the analytics, data could help plan better. My strategy for RTs remains, share good stuff, write good tweets, short enough to share. FWIW.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Well hello again :)

          Although I do stick to my own time zone, unfortunately most of you guys – my friends, readers and folks I interact with – are in a different one. The good thing is that I’m very nocturnal. I don’t sleep before the wee hours of the night – meaning 4 and 5 am. Which means I can still interact a bit with many folks that are online and what I share (mine or other) might get some of the attention that it deserves. Again – I’m 7 hours ahead of the east coast and 10 hours ahead of the west coast (North America).

          As for the rest – we do pretty much the same thing. For most of the time I’ve scheduled something – I’m online reading, writing, tweeting or doing whatever else :).

          • davinabrewer

            I get the time zone challenge, does make a difference. When I schedule something for later, it’s for a time when I am pretty darn sure I will be available to reply and engage. Not instantly, but hopefully with enough immediacy to discuss, have a conversation if it gets rolling.

      • James D. Burrell II

        I. Cannot. Stop. Waffling. On. What. To. Do. Ahhh!! In all sincerity, I see both points here. I think it is absolutely worth a shot. You never know, right? But I also recognize Ari’s concerns. Lastly, I’m going to go reread Atlas Shrugged as I think it may be shorter than that last comment, Ing. Just joshing ya.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Ahhhhh the tough decisions we are faced with in life lol ;).
          The point of this post was not to simply promote the tool – I wanted to try it out as I’ve never tried the automated things before – although you’re still actually plugging tweets in yourself and writing them the way you want and you’re limited to 9 a day.

          But my main intention was to note the originality of the concept – in that it “predicts” what time your tweet should go out. I was curious to know how accurate that is and what the responses would be like. So I figure I would give it a shot for about a week or so to see how it turns out.

          As for Atlas Shrugged being shorter than my comment – Muwahahaha! Guinness Book of Records Baby! LOL

          Thanks Jamey :).

          • James D. Burrell II

            Oh, do not presume I did not understand your intentions; I did. Like many other companies rushing to push out apps and plugins to augment the social media experience or increase its efficiency, I’m simply impressed with’s creative approach. Even if we [you, me or Justin Beiber] find it to be less useful than they wish, I applaud the effort. Eventually, if it’s not this one, there will come a time when an add-on is launched that is initially blown off only to later become common place among future SM communities. At the onset of my Twitter career, I placed zero value in applications like HootSuite or Tweetdeck (I use the latter), but now I find them indispensable, absolute necessities.

            Oh, and who am I to talk about commenting length? Pot.Kettle.Black. Can’t wait for tomorrow. I’ll be doing finger stretches tonight in preparation for commenting on BRING IT.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              I’m actually pretty impressed with their concept as well :).
              When I first started tweeting – I had no clue what HS and TD were lol. It took me a few months to realize what I was missing out on and how I was doing “it” all wrong.

              As for comments – Oh, I’ll be waiting my friend!
              Actually, where I am – it’s already tomorrow 😉

              Cheers Jamey and thank you

    • davinabrewer

      Ari I give that comment more than 2 cents, maybe a full nickel, dime even. 😉 Just echoed a lot of my own thoughts.. for a business in the business of getting tweets and RTs, I am sure it matters but to me, less so. I am more into the feedback, the blog, the replies, etc. And a big ITA on the RT formatting. I often rewrite the headline or add my own, or as others have said credit the original author in the tweet. Only way I can do that is manually. FWIW.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Hear, hear Davina! :)
        Definitely a buck’s worth of a comment.
        If I don’t see the author’s name on the tweet (like a GP they wrote for example) – I’ll usually look for it and add it – especially if I know them.
        I also like to add a little comment before my tweet in parentheses. I don’t do it every time, but I’d say 80% of the time – easily!

        • davinabrewer

          I try to find the original author’s handle if I can; just get annoyed when I see some people repackaging tons of other content without attribution. On the RTs, every once in a while I’ve put my comments << after the tweet as so, usually if the headline is good. But most of my RT success has come from adding my own little blurb before the RT. Which is a tip: write short headlines. 😉 IDK, I just like to add a little input, let folks know why I'm sharing something. FWIW.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Looks like you and I share the same Tweeting methods :)

  • Daniel Sharkov

    Hey Ingrid,

    Have to say Timely seems like an interesting tool. It is definitely great to know when exactly you have the highest potential of getting your tweets seen. Based on the site’s predictions 132 of my last 199 tweets were not set at the best time possible. Registering right away to see how scheduling works. I don’t think it’s going to replace the good ‘ol TweetDeck though.

    Thanks for shedding light on the tool anyway! :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Daniel,

      Great to see you here my friend.
      I think it’s an interesting tool to try out and I’m curious to see how accurate the predictions of my tweets are and the impact they will have according to the times that Timely suggests. But much like you and many others – nothing can replace my Hootsuite (for you it’s TweetDeck) just yet. I think they’ve got the most thorough options and analytics and all under one roof :).

      Let me know what you think of it. Like I said – the metrics are really basic – just the main ones – but still worth giving it a shot and the concept itself is pretty cool.

      Have a good weekend.

  • James M

    Twitter tools seem to be a very common trend on the blogs I’ve been reading lately. Every tool that gets mentioned, I’ve never heard of before (apart from Hootsuite or SocialOomph). With, it had a similar feature that would tell you when to post the update but it was based on your tweets since you started using the service. I’m also not sure if it counted retweets or not.

    I’m going to test out, just to see what it says. Not sure if I will use it yet or not.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey James,
      I find it kinda hard to keep up as well with all the tools that are popping up everywhere :). But I’m still a big fan of Hootsuite. I just wanted to try this one out as I thought it was rather clever of them to predict the ideal times for a tweet to go out depending on our latest 199 and so forth.

      By the way – it’s – I was surprised to see it wasn’t too. I guess someone must have snagged it first or different reasons that we don’t know of. Either way – let me know what you think if you do try it out.

      Good luck

  • Jon

    Maybe I just get too set in my ways but Hootsuite suits me :) Some folks think it’s spammy to use these but for those of us who are time zones apart from our largest audience it makes sense. It’s not that contrived if you think about it.

    You read post Xyz. You want to share it via Twitter…but wait, everyone that cares what you have to say is asleep. You’ll still like the post 12 hours from now so why not schedule it to go live at a time others would benefit (and RT)?

    It would be interesting to see someone report a bit of legacy data and share if posting their Tweets per the Timely analysis proved more fruitful. Interesting tool to keep an eye on…

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Jon,

      I’m a big fan of Hootsuite as well and in all honesty I don’t think anything will replace it for now. THe fact that you actually plug in the tweet yourself – one by one – makes it much less spammy than other tools out there. The only difference is that it generates or predicts a time for when as to when it should be tweeted out.

      And you’re so right about time zones. Not only that but sometimes you read 6 or 7 posts in an hour – why tweet them right after each other. I sometimes spread them out. It doesn’t mean I didn’t read the post – I read or skim through everything I tweet.

      In any case – I was curious to try it out to see how accurate the predictions they made are. So I plugged in a few tweets yesterday to see and I’ll try it for the rest of the week. You’re limited to 9 tweets a day anyways.

      Will just see how it goes – but my Hootsuite still comes first :).
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing.
      Have a good weekend.

  • AllieRambles

    Why is it when I think I have something down another tool is released or thrown out there for me to try! If it’s free, I am going to check it out.
    I have been bulk scheduling my tweets on Hootsuite, which is so ANNOYING, and have actually seen no changes in my traffic when I tweet 4x a day, 8, noon, 4 and 8. I just spaced them out. And the RT’s and clicks seem to be random. Frankly, I’m tired of tracking. And I think that may be overkill in tweeting. And can’t figure out when the best times are.
    Anyway, if I could have a tool doing this for me that would be awesome.
    Thx for the tool tip!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Allie,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here :). Appreciated.
      I haven’t done the bulk thing yet on Hootsuite – I still do the one by one manual thing – yikes – I know lol.

      Not sure how accurate the predictions are with Timely but I think it’s a neat little tool and worth checking out. It’s free so nothing to lose by doing so. Let me know what you think if you do.

      Have a good weekend

  • Bill Dorman

    Is the Pope Catholic? Of course my tweets are timely……..for me……

    Interesting and I would like to see how it works out you; especially since most of your followers are probably in a different time zones. However, I don’t think your ‘tweeps’ are missing too much of your stuff.

    Sounds like another great tool potentially; ever notice there are a lot of ‘tools’ in this world…..yes, I said ‘tool’…….:)

    It appears @Brankica had a few issues w/ it so I’m expecting the full report once the both of you have had a chance to kick the tires and everything.

    I’m still a sluggo in this world and trying to figure out lists, tabs and what socks I’m going to wear every day. Once it has your blessings then I might find it useful…………..’what, what did you say; I actually need content to make it work’? Ok, let me get past that part and THEN I will try it……

    Have a great weekend.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Bill,

      The pope is catholic? Huh – who knew? LOL 😉
      You’re right – most of the people I’ve gotten to know and those I interact with are in different time zones. So they may not know exactly when I publish something but they can always come back to it here at any time.

      I’m still trying it out although I need to refill it with a few tweets since the queue is empty right now. I’m curious to see how accurate their predictions are.

      And Brankica is always a great source to go to for all kinds of tips and tools.

      As for what socks to wear – I can help you there haha.
      Blue, gray, black – that’s it!
      You’re allowed white with tennis shoes and the occasional dark brown of you must. Just my 2 cents on sock attire lol.

      Thanks for coming by – as usual – great to have you here.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  • Shonali Burke

    Hmmm… I will have to try this. I’m with Danny, though, I’m not sure if/how this would be any more valuable than HootSuite, but hey – if you’re talking about it, I’ll give it a try!

  • Shonali Burke

    Hmmm… I will have to try this. I’m with Danny, though, I’m not sure if/how this would be any more valuable than HootSuite, but hey – if you’re talking about it, I’ll give it a try!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Shonali,
      I just thought it would be cool to try this tool out and see how accurate it actually is and what the results would turn out like – but much like you and Danny – I don’t think anything can replace my Hootsuite – just yet :). I’m still the big owl lover haha.

      Enjoy your weekend my dear.

  • Laura

    I need to work on this as I often tweet at random times, and sometimes in sections. 😀 Thanks for the tips, Ingrid!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Laura
      In all honesty – I just tweet whenever I have something to tweet – but I thought it would be neat to check this out and see how well it works.

      Good luck

  • Pat Kent

    Hmm, something i might want to check out. I definitely am terrible when it comes to timing my tweets. I just do it randomly which is something I need to change. Thanks for the post!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Pat
      Nice to see you here – welcome :)

      I rarely time tweets and if I do – I plug them in manually into Hootsuite one by one – silly and time consuming I know but what can I say lol. I pretty much tweet when I have something to tweet! 😉

      I just thought this tool was simple and interesting and I wanted to check it out to see how accurate their predictions are. Today was my first day so I’ll have to wait and see some more – but the concept in itself is cool.

      I appreciate you stopping by here – I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and your dinosaurs more often :).

  • Ryah Albatros

    I had a look at Timely too, but didn’t bother trying it because I was already loving Buffer (see my reply to Danny above) and trying another one seemed a bit OTT!

    My main problem is lack of tweets; it’s like buses in England. You don’t see one for hours then 3 turn up at once!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well in that case – you’ve just convinced me even more to give Buffer a shot :).
      I don’t want to be trying everything all at once – so will just wait a little to see how things go with Timely and then see the difference between the 2.

      Thanks so much for coming back and letting us know.
      And I hear ya about the buses in London – but at least there’s no shortage of black cabs ;). Well, at least when I’m waiting for one lol.


  • Gabriele Maidecchi

    It’s sounds a little too automatic for me, I heard about this service before but I never really got to test it out, I am glad you’re doing it for me 😀 <- lazy
    On a more serious note, I do schedule Tweets on Hootsuite but it's all really a much more manual process. I just schedule them because I'd find it odd and spammy to Tweet like, 6 times in a one hour, and since I can dedicate just some segments of time to Twitter during a day, and I do read Tweets and the various blogs in those timeframes, I really can't help but to have LOTS of Tweets ready all at once. Wow that was a long one, I hope you got what I mean!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Gabriele,

      Thanks for sharing.
      I do the manual thing on Hootsuite too :). I’m still old fashioned that way and much like you I try not to send out too many tweets in the same hour – so I try to spread them out by plugging them in manually into HS. It’s time consuming but hey – gives me peace of mind haha. I sometimes read 10 posts in an hour but i don’t want to tweet them all at once – so that’s why I think it’s practical. So I know exactly what you mean :).

      But I thought Timely was interesting to try out and I wanted to see how “right on” they are with their predictions.

      Appreciate your input on this.
      Have a good weekend.

  • John Garrett

    Oh yeah, I’ll go analyze my peak Tweet times, then I’ll come back and retweet this piece when it’s optimal lol…

    • Ingrid Abboud

      LOL ;)!

  • John Garrett

    I’m off to peep out this mofo right now.

    I’m already a stats junkie so I’m always up for some more graphs and charts, percentage signs and all that.

    ‘Nuff said (for now)….

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey John,

      Oh, how I love using both mofo and fomo haha
      Let me know what you think – the stats are very, very basic – no graphs and all those kinds of goodies. I just thought it was interesting to try out and see how it goes – but I’m still a Hootsuite gal.


      • John Garrett

        No graphs? Curses! Aw, shucks…

        Anyway it’s still good just for the tweet analysis. And just like you, I’m a Hootsuite gal.

        • John Garrett

          *guy :)

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Had I not seen the *guy” down there – I’d be kinda worried LOL ;).
          Let me know what you think of it.
          Thanks for coming back John. I appreciate your engagement here.

  • Phil

    Never heard of this tool before, but I will take the time to check it out.

    I don’t really time my tweets to be honest… But what I usually do is post my new blog articles three times a day… Morning, day and then again at night time. In the middle of all that I re-tweet other interesting articles from other blogs and also personal tweets.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Phil,
      In all honesty neither do I. I love my Hootsuite but once in a while I will manually plug in one or two tweets to go out during a time when I’m away but I just take a wild guess (without researching) at the time and just make sure to spread them out a bit. But that also includes other people’s posts – actually more so than my own. When I read 10 articles in an hour I don’t want to tweet them all back to back so I plug each in separately with one hour intervals or so.

      But I was curious to try this tool out – as it plugs in the times for you. I think the concept was pretty neat and I wanted to see the results form their time predictions.

      I think it’s a good thing to tweet your post a couple times a day – I never use to do this but after reading posts from so many people that do – I was convinced that it’s worth it – as long as you’re not overdoing it of course. I also recently started using Tweet Old Posts (about a week ago) – but again – I set it to tweet every 5 hours and not constantly – don’t want to annoy people with tweets just about me. But sometimes it gives some other posts a small chance which never got to see the light of day.

      Appreciate you coming by. Let me know if you do give this a shot though.
      Have a great weekend.

  • Danny Brown

    Interesting little tool here, miss (and no, I’m not on about me, so hush it!!!) 😉

    Apart from the analysis of your tweets, I’m wondering what value it has over Hootsuite? I use that to bulk schedule tweets, and they have analytics built in so I can see which ones had the most impact and build my approach round that?

    • Ryah Albatros

      In Hootsuite don’t you have to set the time individually for each tweet? That’s how I remember it anyway, and I always found it a bit laborious. Thanks to Brankica I found Buffer, ( where you set up your times, and then just add your tweets throughout the day and they go out at your specified times. They’s just started some analytics too, so now I can see how many people my tweet reached, how many clicks and how many retweets too.

      My only problem is I don’t tweet often enough, trying to change that slowly.

      • Danny Brown

        They updated to bulk tweets for up to 50 tweets. Lot smoother than earlier versions. :)

        • Ryah Albatros

          Ahh right, I missed that then!

        • Ingrid Abboud

          You know – I still have never used the bulk tweets option – I still do the one by one (sigh). I really need to consider it unless someone up there intends to make our days longer lol.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Hey Ryah,
        I actually use Hootsuite the same way you do – but like Danny already mentioned (thanks DB) they have the bulk option – although I haven’t tried using it yet. I’m still inserting each time and tweet one by one – and it’s extremely time consuming.

        I’m gonna be having a look at Bufferapp as well – I’ve been hearing some talk about them and I’m curious to check them out. I recently connected with Leo (founder) and read an interview with him on Aaron Lee’s blog (

        Brankica is a good person to take advice from – she’s got some great tips when it comes to the good tools that are out there.

        Let me know if you do decide to check out Timely and what you think. I’m curious to know the results and how accurate its predictions are so I’m definitely gonna give it a chance – plus I think the idea is pretty neat.

        Thanks for sharing.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey DB
      No worries – I’m hushing!!! lol 😉

      In all honesty – this is still my first day trying and it and I’m still a fan of Hootsuite and the more detailed analytics it provides. I’ve actually never used any other tool expect for Tribberr now and am still the old-fashioned kinda gal when it comes to tweeting – even if I plug them in manually one by one in my Hootsuite and pick a time for each.

      What I thought was neat is how it analyses and automatically picks a time for you to tweet out the post you plug in there. So it’s not you picking the time – they do that for you. It does so according to its analyses of your last 199 tweets and so forth.

      It’s really basic still – but the idea was interesting and thought I’d give it a go for a week or so to see how well it works.

      As for value over Hootsuite or any of the other popular platforms (like Tweetdeck) – I don’t see that it can compete in any way. But again – I’m no expert :)!

      Appreciate you plugging your input here BB (not a type – Bonsai Boy) lol.

  • Fran Aslam

    Hey Ingrid:

    Happy Early spring Friday to you. Awesome post about Timely. I never got to see this one yet. So I have to, after I am done here. As you say it makes better use of tweets and Re-tweets it is worth trying.
    Once Ingrid likes it, I have to like it too. Well you have a great post here, as I do like twitter better than Face book. Yes I am different than majority. Enjoy the week end and do not forget you have to make it better for yourself.

    Fran A

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Fran
      Let us know if you like it. Personally – I found it interesting but I’m still a gung-ho Hootsuite gal and I like having everything under one roof. Anyhow – I’m gonna try it out this week to see how it goes.

      Thanks for coming by.

      • Fran Aslam

        Hey Ingrid:

        I do not know if you will check this reply, but I looked and surfed Timely. Well it is very new and all they are doing is circulating your old tweets. While there is so much stress on unique latest and new information how much attention will it get with search engines. I do not know. Actually I could not see there pricing and if they are completely free is never good. So, right now it did not feel, anything like your blog. Here is my two cents.
        Talk again
        Fran A

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Hi Fran
          I check all the replies I get :).

          As for Timely – not sure if you went to – but that is the site. They don’t circulate your old tweets – they circulate whatever you want them to. Old, new, whatever you want – it’s you that’s writing the tweet out. You have to plug in your own tweet and then it automatically generates a time for it to go out. You are allowed 9 tweets a day that you manually put in yourself.

          As for pricing – it’s pretty clear that they are free. But they do have a pro version which is a payed one. I have a link to it in my post. You have several options.


          • Fran Aslam

            Hi Ingrid
            Well I did go to, but when I was getting out I noticed on the top right corner it is free. I do like free and I do use Free options. So, Is it bringing results for you. If it is what is the harm, I can use it too. Any ways I need to know more about traffic as my new conversion site is coming up soon, as soon as I can finish it. I will go there to sign up and use it. Will let you know when I do sign up.


            • Ingrid Abboud

              Hi Fran
              In all honesty – this is only my third day trying it out and yesterday I wasn’t online much so I didn’t get a chance to plug in a few tweets. I used my Hootsuite that was already open. So I can’t really judge yet. But like I said – I’m not sure how accurate this tool actually is but it’s fun to try out.

              I would definitely use tools such as Hootsuite or TweeDeck which have all the analytics you need. If I’m not mistaken – they are 2 of the preferred ones today and people for the most part – seem to be happy with their analytics and functions.

              Good luck

  • Dan Cristo

    I really like the idea of analyzing what time of the day works best for your following. It’s a great idea from the guys at Timely. Too bad they didn’t snag as the domain name.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Dan
      First and foremost – welcome :).
      Second – you and Dino are rocking it with Triberr!

      I think the concept was interesting – especially how it automatically picks out the ideal time for you once you plug in your tweet. But I’m still a fan of Hootsuite and I’ve never used any other tool before except of course for Triberr now :).

      It’s funny that you mentioned that actually – because I too thought that they would have used the doman. That’s the first thing that came to mind – but I guess someone must have snagged it before or else they didn’t see any benefits. Either way – I have no idea why.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your input here. Appreciate.
      I hope to see you around these parts more often.

  • Brankica U

    Hey Ingrid, I tried Timely the other day and it is a cool service to spread your tweets through out the day,, so I don’t blast my followers with everything I read at the same time.

    Bu tI don’t like the fact that it changes the tweet and doesn’t attach the @ mention of the author like the normal RT buttons do. So in this case, I would prefer Bufferapp over Timely.

    I haven’t got into all this analytics though, so I will have to go and snoop through mine!

    Thanks, Bear

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Sharpy,
      I thought it was an interesting tool to try out to see how accurate it is. Although I don’t think anything can replace my Hootsuite right now :).

      As for Bufferapp – funny that you mention them – I just recently connected with Leo and have had Bufferapp open in tabs to check it out.

      Thanks for sharing Monkey :). I can always count on your advice when it comes to SM tools.
      Happy Saturday