SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #20

extra chewing gum SuperPost Sunday   Weekly Roundup #20Hello My Lovelies,

Wow, it’s week 20 of SuperPost Sunday already :D. Imagine that!

Bugs in Blogadise

So out of curiosity, has anyone else been having a bit of trouble with nasty bugs since they upgraded to WordPress 3.1? Cause I’m about to break the computer if I don’t figure out how to swat those little buggers very soon.

I’ve always referred to myself as being somewhat ATTAC – all things techie with abbreviations challenged – so if you’re having similar troubles and are a techie genie whose figured out how to fix these, then by all means – I’m all ears!

I can’t seem to link to any of my categories or else you would have seen one on my SuperPost Sunday up there ^^^. And I’m sure you’ve noticed that my picture is missing in the About Me widget on the right >>> and in my WTH tab. I know there are quite a few other things as well, but I don’t want this lovely Sunday to be ruined with a rant so I’ll stop here.

Mark’s Tao

On a happier note, I just received Mark Schaefer’s book, “The Tao of Twitter – Changing your life and business 140 characters at a time (not an affiliate – simply an Amazon link to make your life easier), and let me tell you – it’s loaded with helpful tips and stories making it addictive, educational and human.

I’ll most definitely be telling you a little more about it soon but until then, I suggest your read Brankica’s excellent review over at Live Your Love or that of our favorite expat, John Falchetto, over at Expat Life Coach.

Alright, I think that’s enough talking for now.

Time for Some Goodies

“Without further ado and blah blah,” here are this Sunday’s rockin’ SuperPosts on all things Social Media, Blogging Tips, SEO, Internet Marketing, Traffic Building, Online Money Making Tools and more.

Social Media

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Some of us (or them, I should say) are entirely addicted to it, and the rest of us use it because we feel like we grew an extra limb and, even though we don’t really need it…

My friend and business partner Troy wrote a great piece yesterday about whether or not technology has improved or hindered our communication skills. It’s a timely topic with some awesome comments, and well worth the read…

When you were only following 10 people, Twitter seemed so peaceful. It was so quiet that you could hear the sound of a penny when it falls on the ground. Then when you started following back everyone or started to follow…

About a week ago, I worked my ass off. To be more precise: I worked my ass off pimping my Facebook fan page: After reading endless hours about how important fan pages are, and how much they can do for your online presence…

Soon after Wells Fargo bank launched its presence on Twitter, a staffer noticed a tweet from a customer who couldn’t find an ATM at the Las Vegas airport. “We simply said, ‘Hey, this is Wells Fargo. Here’s a list of ATMs in the…

I’m really grateful to Are for he had posted a great question here. I haven’t actually wrote a detailed post about photo arrangements for either New Profile or the upgraded facebook page…

As a website owner and marketer, I’m totally fascinated by the workings of Google, SEO, and general traffic generation. I’m sure we all are. But there’s one thing I often worry about–falling behind. Of course, as online…

Blogging Tips

Is finding time to blog something you struggle with? A number of people have asked me how they can find time to blog on top of everything else that I have going on. Writing content is vitally important for your blog. It is your source…

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with a local journalism student. She was working on a project and was tasked with talking to a business professional on the topic of blogs and content marketing. Troy must be fresh out of real pros…

Pretty strong title, huh? If you hadn’t noticed, I like ‘em that way…but I mean every word. Here’s why…When I woke up this morning, I had no earthly intention of writing this article, but while over at Blogging Bookshelf today…

You know who they are.  You’ve seen their trail of venom all over the interwebs.  I’m sure you have one that bothers you at least a couple times a month.  If you don’t, you’re lucky.  But, if you blog long enough, you will get one…

Traffic Generation

When I started thinking about writing an article for this contest in regards to traffic generation, I thought, “man…what else can we say about it already?!” We have read article after article about how to drive traffic to our blogs…

Internet Marketing

Here’s 10…how many do you have? Here we go… 1. Selfish content marketing.  People don’t care about you, they care about themselves.  Create content that solves customers’ pain points. Stop talking about yourself…

Did you know that one of the reasons for the success of Star Wars is that it follows the ultimate mythological story template? That’s why it connected so easily with people, because deep down, we all know this story…

I have almost given up counting the number of times people have emailed or asked me the question: How do you get so many comments on your blog? In fact one of my marketing friends jokes that all I have to do is say…

Online Money Making Tools

In the beginning, when most bloggers first install WordPress, they are filled with a sense of excitement and hope. They rarely envision themselves a year, two years, or even three years later, still struggling to generate a steady…


How do you feel about your competitors? There are generally 2 approaches people use, in order to rise above the competition and develop their business. 1. They stay just as they are and focus on trying to ruin their competitors...

It’s funny how life takes us in ways often unexpected. Such was the case for me after I graduated from West Virginia University in 2001. I had taken a job in Northern Virginia and within a few weeks of working at my ‘dream job’…

Have you heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” that matters? In business, this saying holds true… Leveraging relationships that matter is the most powerful way to get things done, and in some…

I’m a ‘take things as they come’ person so I usually don’t reflect much. But whenAbubakar Jamil asked me to write about thelessons I’ve learned in life for a project of his, I was super interested and immediately agreed…

This year’s big Oscar winner was The King’s Speech, taking awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Direction, and Best Writing (original screenplay). When I saw the movie a few weeks ago, I was certainly inspired…

I hate flying. So when it was suggested that I take a much needed visit to Portland, Oregon to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was forced to surrender to my fears. Namely, that of stepping onto an airplane & flying 30,000…

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Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

  • Jewelry Singapore

    I have really great believe on your such post which I am waiting for a long time !! The most interesting point is your traffic generation !! I think you should also make a proper post for it !!

  • Mark Harai

    Hi Ingrid – I have no clue how I missed this post – it’s been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks.

    I am truly grateful for good people like you Ingrid. You really have a way making folks desire to be better… that’s super cool.

    To even be mentioned in this list of people is just blowing my mind – you rocked my world LOL!

    Thank you Griddy : )

  • AllieRambles

    I don’t need a reader for posts to read, I just need to come here every Sunday, lol. It’s the best of what I need, today was a kick in the ass, with Keisha’s post about Blogging for Money. I need that kick, or should I state it a little nicer and just say “push”. Either way, it works.

    I loved Ana vs. Nick. There was a lot of learning and a some controversy too. Great blogging!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Allie,
      Nice to see you here :).

      You see – you don’t have to do any reading during the entire week – just stop by on Sunday’s and then start cramming before Monday begins lol.

      Some really good posts here and those two are definitely good ones to start with. Hope you enjoy them.

      Oh, and by the way – since it’s Sunday again, there’s a new batch of freshly squeezed articles that I just published this minute :).

      Happy reading.
      Thanks for coming over. I appreciate it.

  • Keith Davis

    Don’t know where you find the time or the sites, but you always seem to manage.

    The one that caught my eye…

    “How Can The King’s Speech Help You Build an Extraordinary Online Business? ”

    Why? Because I’ve just published a post on Colin Firth’s Oscar acceptance speech and… I’ve included a link to the Mr Darcy “wet shirt scene”.

    My wife has never been the same since she saw the wet shirt scene – ladies, you’ve been warned.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Well, my dear Mr. Davis – I’m holding my eyelids open with clips lol!
      In all honesty though – I keep this post open all week – so that when I come across something great I read – I included it there and then. So this post truly takes me a week to write.

      I thought that was a great analogy actually. I’m a huge movie buff – actually I collect movies! And I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t seen the King’s Speech yet – but I have seen Pride and Prejudice and Oh Myyyy ;). haha

      I’m actually on your site right now reading your post! Great stuff as always. Once again – I’m embarrassed to say that I missed the Oscars! I stayed up as long as I could – seeing the time difference – but alas…my pillow sucked me in!

      Thanks for sharing Keith.
      And I can understand your wife – with or without the wet shirt scene – sigh ;).

  • Aaron Lee

    What do you know? I made it in another installation of great post, thank you so much for including my blog! You rock!!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      You absolutely did Mr. Lee :-). And you’re most welcome!
      You’re a pretty cool rockin’ dude yourself my friend lol.


  • Fran Aslam

    Hi Ingrid:
    Read your wonderful post. It is such a huge post and such a big selection. I do like and know most of your selection simply one or two that I need to know about more now. This time I want every one to request one post that I feel good about and that is “”
    Ingrid keep up the good work.

    Fran A

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Fran,
      I’m glad you liked this selection and I hope you enjoy the few that you haven’t read yet. All in all – some really great blogs and bloggers in here :-).

      By the way – the link you sent me is incorrect – it’s going to a 404 page. You may re-look at the URL :)

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    May I be a little self-indulging for a second and say that it makes me feel dang good to be on this list with so many awesome writers and communicators!

    Thanks for the love Ingrid. Coming from you that means a LOT.

    Big smiles,


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Heck you can be as self-indulging as you want my dear Marcus :-). Sheesh, you’ve got 2 of your awesome posts in here haha. But they rocked, so I couldn’t just choose one of them – as they both deserve to be read by as many folks as possible.

      Always a pleasure Mr. Sales Lion. Gosh – for a moment there I was about to type Lion King haha.

      Have good week.
      PS – You should be receiving that “thing” we spoke about by Wed. or Thurs. at the latest :).

  • Patricia Millman

    HI Ingrid

    Some interesting posts for me to read here. Don’t tell Brankica as I’m meant to be working on a new project. But did so much over the weekend need a break lol

    It is now Monday morning so probably need to get down to work and then during my ‘breaks’ I’ll go check some of them out…..but later of course 😉 Thanks as always Comment Queen for your recommendations. Have read a few but heaps more to check out….yay :-)

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Patricia,
      Happy to hear you had a productive weekend :). And my lips are sealed ;).

      Hope you find some time during the week to go through a few of these. Some first time blogs and bloggers in here that are well worth it.

      Have a great day.

    • Brankica U

      I caught you :)

      You better do that homework, lol. Ingrid, I can not believe you would not tell me.

      One day, if you see my kid smoking dope, will you keep a secret???

      Jokin’…love ya both!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        I promised Patricia that my lips were sealed – but I didn’t say anything about the comments here being hidden hehe.

  • Ryah Albatros

    I’m really sorry you’re having problems with the WordPress upgrade; I upgraded with no problem, which probably makes you all hate me! :-)

    Like Brankica I’m getting used to round-up posts too! I’ve got a couple of tabs opened to read, so thanks for sharing the good stuff you’ve found. :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Ryah,

      Thanks – I’m hoping they’ll have a small upgraded version for us soon with some of these bug fixes. Happy to know that all went smoothly on your end. I’m sure that the 10,000 or so plugins that have running must have played a small role in the malfunction hahaha. But it seems a few people had a few problems with this version :(.

      I hope you find some of these articles useful to you. Enjoy the great reads.
      Have a great week.

  • Gini Dietrich

    For some reason, I’m craving some gum.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Funny, I think I was craving it around the same time ;).

      • James D. Burrell II

        I’m more of a mint fan. More specifically, Altoids (although they do betray one’s presence, rattling around in the pocket like loose change). Plus, when I see people smacking away on gum in public, I really am turned off to talking with them even if their breath is deliciously fresh.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Altoids Shmaltoids ;)!
          I’m going with Polo’s all the way – we didn’t have those in the US when I was still living there so not sure if you guys have them now – by those are my mints – and I don’t leave home without them.

          As for gum – if you can manage to chew discretely with your mouth closed and not like a Dutch cow – then I”m good. And you can bet that I do just that! :)

          • James D. Burrell II

            Of course we have Polos. I wear them lightly pressed and tucked in as I told Gini about the other day. But yea… in all seriousness, I have no idea what they are, but anytime I really want to feel like I’m in a corny 90’s montage, I pop in a few Mentos… they’re the fresh maker. — figured I’d share the video even if you’re unable to watch it just in case.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              Mentos are always good :). I even tried throwing one in a Coke and it really does fuzzz lol ;).
              If you like mints – you got to try Polo’s the next time you’re abroad. Addictive. They look like Life Savers but they’re white with a soft minty taste.

    • Dino Dogan

      ..and they say not-so-subliminal advertising doesn’t work lol

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Thank God I didn’t use a Toblerone – right Dino? hehe

        • Brankica U

          Milka chocolate!!! That is what you should have in every post. There are so many flavors you can fit one of them in each sweet post you write.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            Paleeeezzz! Milka is good – but can it beat the original white Nestle’s Crunch with crisped rice? You know the one?

            I always use to miss that one when I lived in the US – but I settled quite well with Whatchamacalit’s ;).

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  • John Falchetto

    Hi Ingrid, I think Brankica and I should start a fan club to thank you for all your support :)

    Don’t get me started on Wp 3.1 I pressed the button last weekend to upgrade and kaboom, lost a whole bunch of posts as well as my site’s design. I had to reinstall some posts manually (copy and paste) although I had exported them and also had to make some changes in my style cheet.
    Anyways, back to normal, give me a shout, if you need help.
    Btw your photo does appear in your about tab up there.

    Have a great week Ingrid and again merci, shukran for the mention. You rock, oh yes you are one of my fav blogs.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hola John,
      It’s my pleasure Mr. Falchetto. No need to thank me – all I did was include your great post :).

      Yikes – I can’t believe you had to manually install your posts again! That must have really sucked. I’m sorry that happened.

      I’m happy to hear that things are back to normal though. I’m hoping they’ll release an upgraded version soon as I’m not quite sure what I have to do to fix these little issues.

      You can see my photo? Really? It’s so – I can’t see mine – and I’ve also had a few people email me about that as well – saying they can’t see it.

      Wishing you a great week ahead.
      Keep rockin’ it John. I’m loving the visits to your blog – always such excellent information and well thought out posts. Thank you for sharing them.


  • Brankica U

    Hey Ingrid-bear,
    thanks for the link love :)

    Have you read it yet? Loooove it.. reading it for the second time (like I don’t have anything else to do).

    I have opened exactly 5 new tabs from this post and gonna read them before I do anything else. Love round ups but you already know that. I am kinda getting lazy sometimes and rely on your round ups to find cool things instead of reading all week long. Although, with my bi-weekly ones I am getting more disciplined so I can share some link love as well :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey TipMeister-monkey hehehe
      My pleasure :). I should be thanking you for that great review and awesome mention!

      Still reading it. Didn’t get much of a chance to read over the weekend :(.

      I love that you find these roundups useful. YaY :-). I kinda rely on your roundups as well for other good posts that I may have missed. I guess they’re serving their purpose.

      Hope you have a super week ahead.
      Talk soon