Valentine’s Day – the Love Industry

Note to Readers: This article was originally published February 14th of last year. I’ve polished it and re-published it today, cause, well…it’s kinda relevant to the day – don’t you think ;)?

It’s Here Again…

Well, V-Day is finally here – and so is all the lovin’ pressure that comes with it!

What to get her, what to get him, what restaurant to book, what meal to cook, what kind of flowers to buy, what to write in the card, what romantic words to say, blah blah blah…

A lot of people say they don’t care about Valentine’s Day or they just don’t get what the big deal is – at least that’s what a lot of women pretend to think and what many men really do. I said many, not all! Jeez!

Deep down, I think most women (and some men too) expect something; some grand move that will reassure them that they’re loved and appreciated. Because on this day, all the other days of love, passion and romance are conveniently forgotten. On this day, she (meaning us ladies lol) expects an affirmation, an effort, a gesture, a thought, a night in shining armor, a “anything” from her man.

But then again, she also expects that on Mother’s Day, her birthday, her delivery day, Labor Day, International Women’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Wednesday’s… pretty much every other day of the year lol!

So whether today is a big deal to you or not, kind of matters – because it sure as hell is a big deal to the florists who jack up their prices x 3, the greeting card companies, the chocolate factories, the balloon makers, the restaurant owners, the jewelers, the heart-shaped candy manufacturers… basically, all the places your precious money will be going to.

So when you think of Valentine’s Day from this other point of view, then YES, it is a big deal – it’s frickin’ New Year’s!

Stan Reybern from Bill Shrink designed this infographic showcasing the costs and stats of love in America.

Although it seems a bit outdated – seeing that the latest year mentioned is 2004 –  it’s definitely worth taking a look at as it is an interesting representation of the industry that is love.

Wise Words of Advice

Men – do yourself a favor and avoid another senseless argument. Even if she says she doesn’t care or doesn’t want anything special, ignore her – unless you know for a fact that she really means it! And even then, she probably doesn’t.

Run to the flower shop, the mall, the jewelers, the toy store, wherever, whatever… and get something, then write something, then say something!

And ladies – for Pete’s sake, do something nice as well. But most of all…enjoy the TLC ;)!

Oh, I almost forgot….Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now I’d love to hear your thoughts or rants about Valentine’s day and all that comes with it. Do you care? Do you make it a point to celebrate with your significant other? Do you work in any of these industries and have something to add?

PS – Please feel free to send me virtual gifts via any Social Media channel ;).

valentines day infographic Valentines Day   the Love Industry

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  • Rick LaPoint

    I must say, it takes a true Romantic to write about the most Passionate day of the year and reduce it down an Awesome statistical analysis of prevailing trends.

    I’m thinking someone needs a great deal more Chocolate in their diet…

  • Elise M

    OMG I looked at this briefly on V-Day but didn’t have time to comment! So I do it now. :)

    Haha this is such a cute infographic :) I am very schitzo with V-Day. I love it but I hate it! I’m going to RT this even though Valentine’s Day is over. It sure has some interesting stats!

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Gotta love all the holidays created by holiday card companies. Best marketing ever huh? And what a great infographic! I am very impressed!

    And if I had your address in Beirut I would of sent you a card! Oh well next year! 8)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Howie,
      If your analytical mind says this infographic is good then it must be! :) YaY!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this – always fun to see these kinds of stats. I hope they update this soon though.

      And thanks for thought :). Now you know I’ll be expecting a kick-ass one next year right? 😉
      Something Banksy style LOL

      Cheers Chief Alien

  • Hector Cuevas

    40% of valentine’s day cards bought are by parents for their kids? Weird, I never got a card from my mom.. I got a bone to pick with her.. Lol

    Thanks for sharing and happy Vday (even though I’m a day late)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Hector,

      Yeah I thought that was odd too lol. I’ll be having that same talk as you with my parents haha.
      Thanks for stopping by with the wishes.
      I’m a bit late in replying as well – so I hope you had a great V Day :).

      Enjoy the week.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Hallmark, I mean Valentines Day Ingrid.

    (Remember that ‘Inserthotcooldudesnamehere’ is still available …)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Why Thank you Alex
      A very Happy V Day to you too :)

      Oh, and believe me…I could never forget! LOL 😉

      Hope you have a great week

  • Kevin Green

    ? Happy Valentine’s Day ? Ingrid :)

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Kevin

      Thanks so much for your wishes.
      Hope you had a wonderful V Day :)


  • Lisa


    I think I used to care a lot more until I decided it was so commercialized. I dont much care for the predetermined show of affection scheduled day. :) And here in Ohio we have a big fat made up lover day called Sweetest Day. It’s in October and a collossal waste of money. It’s a hallmark holiday or American Greetings, one of the two.
    We celebrate VD (OMG!) but we are pretty happy with the acknowledgement of the day and a heartfelt card!


    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Lisa

      I hear ya my friend :). I would much rather get a card on a Monday just because it’s Monday and for no reason whatsoever. But then again, a little Valentine’s thought is always appreciated lol.

      I’ve never heard of the “Sweetest Day” – that’s pretty cool. Is that just in Ohio?
      Happy VD (lol) to ya and a happy belated “Sweetest Day” :).