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SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #19

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Alright, I’m not gonna’ apologize again this week for publishing this post a bit late cause you all had better excuses than me last week and I can’t compete with most of them lol. However, I do want to apologize to a few people (you know who you are) who left […]

YooHooo…I’m Over at the Danny Brown House!

ShareTweet Okay, so maybe I’m not physically there, and it’s not the actual house where Danny and his family live, but it’s kind of his online home and my words of wisdom and advice – otherwise known as my latest guest post entitled, “Common Courtesy? Yes Please, Thank You!” – are permanently chilling over there […]

Bring IT! How Do You Stay Motivated to Blog?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Welcome to the 4th round of Bring IT! This right here, is also my 200th blog post on nittyGriddy ;)! Pretty wild eh? So, Hooray to me for making it this far and probably writing as many words as Shakespeare and Cheers to my next 200 posts! And no, I did […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #18

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday. I want to apologize for publishing today’s SuperPost a little later than usual :(. I was actually stuck driving in the fog at 2 miles an hour under a small snow storm and didn’t make it back home until a little while ago. Then […]

Bring IT! Do You Want More Comments or Retweets on Your Blog Posts?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Are the weeks flying by, or is it just me? Because I could’ve sworn I just finished writing last week’s Bring IT! 10 minutes ago. But then again, I could’ve sworn I was 21 only yesterday. Sigh :(. I hate to sound repetitive, but I’m just so damn happy about the […]

Valentine’s Day – the Love Industry

ShareTweet Note to Readers: This article was originally published February 14th of last year. I’ve polished it and re-published it today, cause, well…it’s kinda relevant to the day – don’t you think ;)? It’s Here Again… Well, V-Day is finally here – and so is all the lovin’ pressure that comes with it! What to […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #17

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, And welcome to SuperPost Sunday XVII! Every Sunday for the past 17 weeks, I’ve tried my best to come up with humorous or witty intros to this series in an effort to entertain you…or bewitch you with my mystical words – whichever lol. And in all honesty, I think I’ve been […]

Bring IT! What’s Your Biggest Challenge as a Blogger?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Are you as excited as I am for round 2 of Bring IT!? Yes…No? Okay, so maybe this series isn’t what you’ve been impatiently waiting for all week, but you can’t blame a girl for showing a little enthusiasm, right ;)? I was overjoyed (as in jumping up and down in […]

SuperPost Sunday – Weekly Roundup #16

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, Well it seems my SuperPost has a little bit of competition today with the Super Bowl XLV, so I will bow out gracefully and pretend that the 200 million people that usually read this series are otherwise occupied watching the Steelers and Packers (as well as their cheerleaders) fight for the […]

Bring IT! How Much Should You Tell Your Readers About You?

ShareTweet Hello My Lovelies, And welcome to the first post of my new series –Ā Bring IT! šŸ˜€ I’ve been looking forward to starting this, as I’ve got about 10 weeks worth of questions sitting in storage – also known as my little big book lol. As you know, the point of this series is to […]