Harvard’s Guide to Social Media

Earlier this year, I wrote a small (don’t look so surprised lol) yet informative post called Social Media 101 which Marketing and Business Development Pro, Troy Claus, was kind enough to reference to in his very insightful article, “Are You a Wrinkly Shirt?

Although I would love to wittily ramble about all things Social Media, the importance of using it properly and the influence it can have on the world, I won’t.

You see, last week, I posted a very short but spot on Slideshare presentation on how to go about using Social Media like a 6th grader. And as silly as that may sound, it’s actually quite accurate for it boils down the entire process that us grow-ups tend to complicate so much, in 5 simple and measly steps. I guarantee it to be idiot-proof!

But if you’d much rather learn about it from a professional who teaches at the Powerhouse that is Harvard, then I would highly recommend you go through this awesome Prezi slideshow by Nicholas Lamphere of the @HarvardSocial group. It’s his first presentation covering his introductory work-shop about the social web as well as current tools and topics of the trade such as Social Networking, micro-blogging, RSS and more. Needless to say how useful and entertaining it is.


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Ingrid Abboud aka 'Griddy' is a whole lot of things with a ridiculous amount of interests. For one, I'm a Social Media enthusiast with a tremendous passion for writing and blogging. I'm also a pretty cool Copywriter but a more serious MarCom Consultant. But most of all, I'm the proud owner and driving force behind nittyGriddy.com - A Kinda Social Media Journal with Net News & more.

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  • http://www.shariya.ca Shariya

    Hi there, for some reason I am not able to see the Nicholas Lamphere’s presentation, it’s telling me I am forbidden and not allowed to see the prezi. Any help?

  • http://twitter.com/skypulsemedia Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    Not sure I would look to Harvard for Social Advice. Probably would stick to the party schools that put the S in Social. First thing I used to tell people during my 2.5 years at Arizona State was we beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl and Playboy Ranked Number 1 Party School. Of course the reason I had to graduate elsewhere was because I was Social with a big S. 8) If you spend your sunday mondays tuesdays and wednesday nights cramming hard to keep your grade point up at Harvard…you are not being Social. But if your school undergrads skip class often, party 5-7 nights a week, and have 25,000+ enrolled…now that is Social.

    I want my Doctor from Harvard but not my Social! 8)

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      LOL Howie
      Believe it or not – Harvard had a pretty decent party scene – I’m sure nothing compared to Arizona State but the fact that it was in Boston – the biggest college city ever – kinda helped ;). Ummm…speaking from experience haha.

      As for wanting my doctor to have graduated from Harvard – with every degree possible – hear, hear!!!
      Thanks for that fun comment Chief Alien.

  • http://daysantique.blogspot.com/ chaitanya

    It is great post. I loved the ice cream example in the presentation. it is explained in a very good way. thanks for the post

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Chaitanya,
      Glad you liked this post :).

  • http://www.localbusinesscoachonline.com/coachnotes Vernessa Taylor

    Congrats on getting to “short.” LOL I’ll have to check out your Slideshare presentation. Speaking of “current tools,” you’ve introduced me to a new one: Prezi. Thanks and happy holidays.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hi Vernessa and welcome :)

      Writing anything that’s short (from a post to a comment) poses quite the challenge for me as I have a knack for rambling – however useful my ramblings may be lol.

      This presentation is definitely worth checking out. It’s insightful and well done. I too discovered Prezi when I came across this slideshare and I’ll be looking forward to trying it out for a presentation of my own (hopefully soon).

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your 2 cents.

      Looking forward to seeing you around these parts more often.
      Cheers and happy holidays to you!

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  • http://naijapreneur.com Tito

    In fact, I am thrilled!

    How did you do it Ingrid? A really short one here, truly, pictures or videos do speak a thousand words. :)
    Thanks for sharing the video, will watch and download it for future references.

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Tito,

      Lol – I’m even impressing myself with the short posts haha. But like I told Patricia – sometimes you just gotta know when to say less and let others do the explaining – especially when it’s done in such a professional but fun and creative way. And as you said – pictures do speak a thousand words.

      Definitely watch it when you get the chance. It’s pretty good. Plus I think the entire idea of having a Social Media course or workshop in universities is beneficial. After all, they have to keep up with the changing times and SM is most definitely a popular new media.

      Thanks again for hopping over here and sharing your views. Much appreciated.
      Have a good Sunday.

  • http://twitter.com/lavenderuses Patricia Millman

    Morning Ingrid

    Wow, super short post but still full of really helpful information :-) Going out shortly so will watch the video when I get back home. Thanks for sharing this with us and I’ll have to check the other articles you have recommended. Have a great day.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  • http://twitter.com/lavenderuses Patricia Millman

    Morning Ingrid

    Wow, super short post but still full of really helpful information :-) Going out shortly so will watch the video when I get back home. Thanks for sharing this with us and I’ll have to check the other articles you have recommended. Have a great day.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Good Evening Patricia lol,

      I seem to be getting better at writing those short posts eh? Either that or the fact that the complete presentation doesn’t give me much room to ramble lol.

      All jokes aside – sometimes you gotta’ to know when to leave things for others to explain – especially when they’re doing it with awesome visuals.

      Hope you enjoy it – it’s short but useful.

      Enjoy your day.

  • http://twitter.com/TroyClaus Troy Claus

    Hey Ingrid!

    Cheers for the shout out. Thanks for posting the “Intro to Social” pres as well. It’s important people take the time to learn about these tools instead of just jumping in. Understanding what they do and how they work is important, if you don’t take the time to educate yourself first, it may seem too overwhelming.



    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Hiya Troy,

      My pleasure.

      I thought the presentation was very well done, both creatively and information wise.

      I agree with you about it being important to learn the tools. Although many are just a matter of common sense, you still need to know how to use certain of them properly so that you can benefit from them as well as share valuable things with others. Not only can they be overwhelming at first as you said, but you want to make sure not to overwhelm others as well by bombarding them with non sense.

      Thanks again Troy. Always nice to see you here.