“Speed Up Your StartUp” – ArabNet’s Entrepreneur Workshop in Beirut

We are living in the Digital Era where the online world reigns at almost every level. The web and technology have changed the way we live, think, build brands and connections.

There is an incredible number of talented individuals in Lebanon whose skills range from A to Z. But very often, we are overwhelmed and even confused about how and where to begin our own business. We are even confronted by what kind of business to start – an immobilizing task when you think of the multitude of online opportunities that exist. But what we do know is that starting a company – whether small or large – requires a tremendous amount of time, effort, know-how and sometimes money.

It is for these reasons and more, that I strongly urge every young and old entrepreneur looking to build a start-up, to attend Speed Up Your StartUp a very beneficial workshop loaded with industry experts. It will be taking place in Beirut this coming week at BIEL.

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But wait…I’m not quite finished! I fully intend to build up your enthusiasm and encourage you to go by telling you a little more on what to expect. Did I mention that it’s absolutely FREE? All you need to do is register on the official ArabNet website and you’re good to go. But hurry, because spaces are limited!

Here are the general things you need to know:

  • ArabNet is the premier conference for the Arab web industry
  • ArabNet aims to grow web content, services and applications in the region by fostering the ecosystem of entrepreneurship
  • Over 1,000 people are expected to attend this year
  • More than 60 speakers from around the world will be present
  • There will be 1-on-1 interviews, in-depth workshops and rapid-fire Q&A sessions
  • There will be events targeted specifically at developers and engineers, as well as sessions and exhibitions that will be open to the public

Here’s what you need to know about Speed Up Your StartUp:

The workshop is organized alongside the U.S.-Lebanon ICT Forum that will be taking place on October 14-15 at the BIEL Center. It is hosted by the U.S. Embassy in collaboration with the American-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce. During the Forum, over 60 prominent U.S. companies will feature their products and services and highlight the latest trends in the ICT sector.

As part of the forum, ArabNet is organizing a fantastic workshop – Speed Up Your Startup – to help aspiring and established entrepreneurs:

  • Turn ideas into a business case and get personalized feedback
  • Get expert legal and financial advice for starting a business in Lebanon
  • Meet with experienced entrepreneurs and learn about growing a business, managing talent and building a corporate culture
  • Comprehend how fundraising works and what investors look for
  • Build a deeper understanding of what’s hot in the web space

The workshop will feature expert panelists from Tandem, Kobeissi & Frangie Law Firm, Middle East Venture Partners, Element^N and Yahoo!

Note: I know this press release style post may sound like one big sales pitch, but I am in no way affiliated to this event. I’m simply a Digital Age junkie looking to learn and quench my thirst for knowledge.

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