Alphabet Fun iPad App for Kids

If you’re George W. Bush or the parent of a pre-school child, then the newly updated (V.2) Alphabet Fun iPad app by John Cotant is an absolute must! Learning the A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s was never this much fun or easy.

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Filled with over 70 full-color images and extra large, easy-to-read texts that even your 99 year old nana can read, Alphabet Fun provides an ideal platform for pre-schoolers. The fantastic letter-learning application is aimed at helping young children learn numbers, colors, animals and the alphabet in a way you wish you could have at your age (if you’re old enough to read this post then I’m referring to you :D).

You can scroll through each image with the swipe of a finger while listening to an audio pronunciation and explore how each character is written by simply tracing over it. Pretty nifty educational tool eh?! Your kids think it’s a game and you think it’s educational. It’s pretty much a win win for everyone!

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Although I’d love to tell you that it’s free, it’s not. But it might just as well be, cause I sincerely doubt that the $2.99 you’ll spend on it will severely affect your finances. Plus, look on the bright side, your child will learn the basics of reading and writing – which is more than I can say for…forget it, way too easy! Oh, what the heck, I’ll say it…if Alphabet Fun existed when Georgy was in office, then he may have been able to complete an entire sentence without a blooper and a 100 page book of laugh out loud Bushisms wouldn’t have been published :).

You can download or learn more about this fantastically fun educational app here. Or you can also watch this quick demo on how to use Alphabet Fun.

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