Google’s 10 Year Shopping Spree!

I’ve decided to zap that infamous post where one apologizes and tries to explain with some lame ass excuse why they’ve been absent from their blog the last couple of months. Why? Because:

1).  If I were to tell you that I’ve been super busy and overwhelmed with work, it would be hard for you to believe; after all, everyone can spare those measly few hours a week to devote themselves to something they love. And I do love writing in nittyGriddy :)!

2).  If I were to tell you that I’ve been travelling and on vacation, you’d either want to kill me for taking a 3 months long leave of absence to tan in the sizzling Mediterranean sun or wonder who the hell takes 3 months off from work?!

And 3). If I were to tell you that an important family matter came up that I had to take care of, you’d wonder what it was and if everything was okay; so if you are wondering now, “yes, everything is just fine, thank you!”

So, I figured I would just skip that whole “I’m sorry for not updating in a while” thing (for whatever valid reason I may have) and presume that YOU (my awesome readers and supporters) will just give me the benefit of the doubt and forgive me all the same :)!

First off and on a personal note – today, August 27th,  is my very young Mom’s Bday! A big shout out to you Mommy Dearest. Thank you for being an incredible mother and friend. You are the person that I aspire to become one day. I love you and I wish you all the best that this life and world have to offer!

With that said and out of the way, I’m back and I want to share this pretty cool infographic with you today!

This fantastic data-driven infographic by Jess Bachman (from is entitled “Google’s Acquisition Appetite”.  It visually depicts Google’s vigorous acquisitions and investments over the last 10 years. As you can see, there aren’t many months were Google wasn’t buying something or other! Since the image is self-explanatory, there isn’t much else to say except for “Bon Appetit Google!”

Scroll over texts and images for Image Zoomer or click here to view the full size version.

google acquisitions Googles 10 Year Shopping Spree!

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