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Twitter “No-No’s”: To Tweet & Not to Tweet!

ShareTweet HEAD’S UP: This is a long post! So if you’re not in the mood for reading pretty cool advice regarding Twitter and my experience with it so far, then you may want to stop reading after this sentence. Still here? I’m gonna’ go with YES! Now, if you’re curious and have some time to […]

SeededBuzz: A Place to Promote Your Blog!

ShareTweet In general, there are 2 big questions that bloggers ask themselves. How can I promote my blog? How can I monetize my blog? And though the two are closely linked and often dependent on each other, there are many ways to do both. There are a plethora of sites out there to help people […]

“The Social Media Guru”: A F!@%# Awesome Animation!

ShareTweet I was directed to this hysterical video about Social Media by a fellow Twitterer. It was animated using; a website dedicated to helping anyone make a movie through text-to-speech – a revolutionary approach where you type something (the script) and it’s turned into a movie. The Social Media guy in the movie is “an amalgam […]

Name that Volcano!

ShareTweet I presume that by now, the entire world has heard of the famous volcano in Iceland that erupted leaving numerous European airports closed and stranding people for days on end. But besides watching the news and waiting for the volcanic ash to pass, I don’t see much else we can do. Except maybe try […]

The Ugly Truths & Numbers Behind Infidelity

ShareTweet A little over a month ago, I published an article called, “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Men”. It pertained to infidelity and the little tips (or particular traits that women possess) that often lead us to discover when we are being cheated on. Although it was written in a rather humorous way, it did have a […]

Traffic Light Changer iPhone App!

ShareTweet The newly released Traffic Light Changer App developed by Pat Flynn and Quoc Bui from LOLer Apps, allows you to turn traffic lights from red to green [while stopped at the light] using your iPhone or iPod Touch – in turn giving you complete control of intersections. Here’s how it works: The application transmits a signal […]

Dribbble: The New “It” Hangout & Sharing Space for Designers

ShareTweet Before anything else: In case you’re wondering whether the 3rd “b” in the title is a typo, let me assure you – it’s not! It’s just the way Dribbble creators, Rich Thornett and Dan Cederholm from SimpleBits wanted to spell the word. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 3)

ShareTweet To all you social media fans…Part 3 – the last part of my ongoing article “18 Great Books on Social Media” [see Part 1 and Part 2] is here! If you’ve been following these posts, you will recall that in Part 1 I mentioned that there are well over 100 books that have been […]

Boys Will Be Girls!

ShareTweet @aplusk says A+ for this kool video made by the Harvard Sailing Team! And no, they are not affiliated with the prominent university or its’ sailing team in any way. HST is a NYC based sketch comedy group whose singular vision and style have set it apart from other sketch groups in the area (according […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 2)

ShareTweet This post is a continuation of 18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 1). As was previously mentioned, the article has been divided into 3 sections in order not to publish a mile long post :)! Furthermore, I have tried to include only those books that have been published within the last 2 years. […]

18 Great Books on Social Media (Part 1)

ShareTweet By now, it should be quite obvious that the future (and current state) of the Internet is the Social Web. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to know that there are literally 130 plus books and probably an equal number of eBooks that have been written about Social Media thus far. In my effort […]

The Numbers Behind Prostitution

ShareTweet Prostitution is often referred to as the world’s oldest profession. The commercial sex industry includes street prostitution, massage brothels, escort services, outcall services, phone sex, strip clubs, lapdancing, adult and child pornography, video and internet pornography and sex tourism. That’s one hell of an industry! From street whores to high class hookers and from […]