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we rule iphone app We Rule iPhone AppWe Rule from Ngmoco and Newtoy Inc. lets you create, customize and rule your kingdom with an iron fist! It’s like a medieval version of FarmVille but with villages and townspeople. Since its release on March 19, the iPhone application has seen tremendous success and is already on the top 30 app list as of a few days ago.

If you’re bored and tired of milking cows, picking trees, building fences..you can become addicted all over again to a new game where you can further your ambitions by creating your own mini-empire by building castles, controlling villagers and more. And for all you FarmVille aficionados, you’ll rejoice in knowing that harvesting crops is also a big part of the game! We Rule users also have the extra option of purchasing the game’s secondary currency, Mojo, in order to speed up the development process of crops and towns. Similarly to FarmVille, the game progresses as you earn more money from performing daily tasks such as harvesting crops and managing your businesses.

We Rule is available for free from the App Store and includes features such as:

  • Over 20 different crops to plant, grow and harvest
  • More than 50 unique structures to build and customize your empire
  • Dozens of villagers professions to keep your citizen population active
  • Purchasing Mojo units with real money to speed up your harvesting and building projects
  • Vibrant 3D art and characters
  • Continuous game updates with features, themes and more

For additional information about We Rule, you can: visit Ngmoco’s website here, read a review at touchArcade or watch the 2 minute hands-on preview below.

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