Avatar Protest in the West Bank

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you’re aware of the endless clashes between Israeli’s and Palestinian’s in the West Bank – actually pretty much anywhere in the country. Well, this particular protest which took place about 10 days ago, had a rather cinematic approach. Palestinian demonstrators from a small village painted themselves blue and dressed up like the oppressed aliens from the blockbuster movie, Avatar as a way to draw a parallel between their struggle and that of the film’s alien characters. The 5 protesters, including 3 Israeli’s, marched up to the army blockade in full Na’vi gear as they chanted for an end to the occupation of their lands. Israeli forces, who were surprised at first, responded by firing numerous rounds of tear gas and sound grenades at them.

Take a look at these incredibly captivating images from The Guardian.

Demonstrators dressed as 006 Avatar Protest in the West Bank

The protesters in full Na'vi gear.

Demonstrators dressed as 005 Avatar Protest in the West Bank

Waving the Palestinian flag.

A protester dressed as a 009 Avatar Protest in the West Bank

One of the demonstrators using a plastic bag to shield himself from the tear gas.

A demonstrator dressed as 004 Avatar Protest in the West Bank

A protester at the barrier.

[image credit (all): www.guardian.co.uk]

[sources: The Lede-The New York Times News Blog, Aol News]

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