Cheese Sculptures

Many of us have some sort of hobby that we enjoy – whether building model airplanes, racing cars, knitting, collecting stamps, taking pictures, blogging, whatever…

And some others have rather unusual hobbies or pastimes such as making sculptures out of cheese. Oddly enough, this kind of “art” has grown in popularity the last few years. I’ve actually come across several websites or articles about these talented ‘cheese people’.

As we know, cheese pretty much goes with anything – wine, pasta, meat, vegetables… but I think the mere stench of one of these sculptures would be enough to shut down my sense of smell forever. Although I’m sure the artists are not using roquefort or camembert, working in an environment that smells like feet would not be the hobby I would have chosen for myself. Then again, I can’t sculpt (anything) for shit!

What do you think of these cheese sculptures? Are they art, cool, yummy or just a waste of food? Post your comments.

Winners Drink Milk

7milk Cheese Sculptures

Designed by the ‘cheese lady’ Sarah Kaufmann for the 2007 Indiana State Fair.

Family of Cheese

05 wd1009 The Big Cheese1 Cheese Sculptures

This hodgepodge of cheese figures seen at the 2009 Indianapolis State Fair was made from a whopping 1,418-pounds of cheese.

Abraham Lincoln

3 lincoln Cheese Sculptures

This sculpture of the 16th president of the united states was made from a 1,000 – pound block of mild cheddar cheese by sculptor Troy Landwehr.

Dita Von Cheese

article 1265030897302 081D2171000005DC 733316 636x430 Cheese Sculptures

Cheese – lover, Prudence Staite, has a special talent for turning everyday food into works of art.

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  • Anthony Rahayel


    • Griddy

      yeah they are pretty cool – it’s incredible what people come up with these days.

  • Anthony Rahayel


    • Ingrid Abboud

      yeah they are pretty cool – it’s incredible what people come up with these days.