Head Humped by Sirocco the Parrot

I understand your leg being humped by a dog – but your head being ‘pucked’ by a parrot? There’s just no words to speak!

It seems that horny little Sirocco the Kakapo [I’ll refrain from making a wise crack here ;)] achieved international fame after trying to mate with zoologist Mark Carwadine’s head on the BBC show, “Last Chance to See.”

Sirocco, one of the 124 Kakapo’s still alive, was named a Conservation Ambassador by New Zealand’s Prime Minister, who stated that the bird’s celebrity status made him the ideal candidate for the role. Actually, his exact words were, “he’s very media-savvy, he’s got a world-wide fan base – they hang on every squawk that comes out of his beak.”

I’m sure this bird has gotten his share of tweets :)!

Watch as carwadine gets shagged by a rare parrot. It’s a definitely a big ‘laugh out loud’ moment – even for Stephen Fry!

0 Head Humped by Sirocco the Parrot

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  • http://www.unlockthedoor.net Stuart Mills

    Griddy, I’m so glad I followed your link, as that video made me laugh so damn hard :-)

    • http://nittygriddy.com/ Ingrid Abboud

      Ahhhhhh – You made it to one of earlier masterpieces I see LOL ;). There was a time when I was succinct and 100 words was “all she wrote” ;).

      I peed my pants watching that video as well. So frickin’ funny!
      Glad you enjoyed it!