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Make Secure Donations to Chile Quake Relief

ShareTweet If you’ve got the means and would like to chip in to help earthquake-rattled Chile, below is a list of ways to do so. Although the quake’s death toll is nowhere near that of Haiti’s, Chile will still need tons of humanitarian aid and financial support to: Help the 500,000 + people who are […]

Massive Earthquake Hits Chile

ShareTweet Feb. 27 at 3:34 am (local time): Click on image to enlarge. Another devastating earthquake has struck; only this time, it’s Chile. The 8.8 magnitude quake, one of the strongest ever recorded, shook the country for about a minute and a half causing widespread damage and triggering a tsunami warning across the Pacific [most […]

Top 20 Facebook Messages: My Hit List

ShareTweet The Power of a Pic It’s incredible the effect a Facebook profile picture has on people. When you upload or update one [depending on your privacy settings], your entire list of “friends” gets to know about it – which in turn usually results in a pleasant bombardment of either approving messages and thumbs up’s […]

The Lebanese Blogosphere: Blogs to Blog About!

ShareTweet Being relatively new to the blogosphere, I tend to discover and learn new things about blogging everyday. Not only that, but the amount of random knowledge I’ve accumulated over the last couple of months (from researching), is simply ridiculous; in a good and valuable sort of way. The best part though, is that I […]

Avatar Protest in the West Bank

ShareTweet Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you’re aware of the endless clashes between Israeli’s and Palestinian’s in the West Bank – actually pretty much anywhere in the country. Well, this particular protest which took place about 10 days ago, had a rather cinematic approach. Palestinian demonstrators from a small village painted themselves blue […]

Top 3 Naked Sports

ShareTweet I’m gonna’ keep the writing to a bare (ooops Freudian slip?) minimum on this one! After all, I think the title alone is self-explanatory and your eyes will probably go straight to the pictures. That’s if they haven’t already :). So I could pretty much write anything here and most of you wouldn’t even […]

Facebook Facts & Figures

ShareTweet February 4th was Facebook’s 6th birthday. Yes, believe it or not, the social networking titan and the most talked about website [actually, the most talked about anything] in the world, is a measly 6 years old! I think that Harvard dropout and boy genius Mark Zuckerberg as well as his roommates do more than […]

The Sh*** My Dad Says Made Me Famous [nG’s 100th POST]

ShareTweet *Twitterati – as defined by the Urban Dictionary: The Tweet elite, whose feeds attract thousands of followers and whose 140-character spews capture the attention of the rapt who doggedly monitor them. *Twitterati – as defined by The Twitter upper crust. The tweet writers who have thousands of followers. Now that you’re familiar with the term Twitterati (in case you […]

And the Winner is…FarmVille!

ShareTweet Seeing the massive popularity of Zynga’s FarmVille on Facebook, it’s no surprise that it took home the Social Networking Game of the Year award at the 2010 13th Annual Interactive Achievements Awards this past Thursday at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. Nominees for this award included, PopCat’s Bejeweled Blitz, Codebell’s Farmtown and Playfish’s […]

nittyGriddy Gets a Makeover!

ShareTweet Hello Everyone, As you can see (if you’ve been here before), nittyGriddy‘s been slightly retouched and freshened up! Thanks to the wonderful people over at Cre8mania, especially Constantine – aka Costa – who put up with my indecisiveness and my looking over his shoulder for a couple days [pretending to understand all the CSS stuff and […]

The Photoshop Effect: Reality Bites!

ShareTweet Ever wonder how celebrities look so good and perfect in magazines? Not one bit of extra fat or cellulite, not one sun spot, blemish, pimple or unwanted hair! Ever wonder why your latest, digital 12.1 megapixel Canon doesn’t deliver the same ‘picture perfect’ look? Why you look…well, just like you?! Watch this video from […]

4 Year Old Cheeseburger from McDonald’s: To Eat or Not to Eat?

ShareTweet Time and time again, we’ve heard about the unhealthy and low grade ingredients that McDonald’s uses in their famous and somewhat tasty meals. Many of us have seen films such as Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me“, and yet we continue to super size our orders in turn super sizing our body mass, calorie count […]