NBC Pulls Conan O’Brien’s Devious ‘Bugatti Veyron Mouse’ Sketch Off the Net

looks like nbc knows how to punch back when it’s being taunted. the almighty peacock pulled the web clips from conan’s ridiculously expensive ‘bugatti veyron’ sketch off nbc.com and hulu. the move was made to avoid paying extravagant royalty fees when o’brien decided to play ‘satisfaction’ from the rolling stones.

the soon to be gone “tonight show’ host exclaimed that even though his show is about to go off the air, “we can do whatever we want, and they (nbc) would have to pay for it”. to prove it, he rolled out a bugatti veyron (the most expensive car in the world) dressed up as a mouse, while playing the rolling stone’s iconic ‘satisfaction’ tune in the background as the car’s theme song – making this $1.5 million sketch the most expensive to date.

i’m curious to see what devious little plan coco’s cooked up for next show. aren’t you?

0 NBC Pulls Conan OBriens Devious Bugatti Veyron Mouse Sketch Off the Net

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