Smartphone Faceoff – Nexus One vs. IPhone

Google’s new HTC-made, android-based, Nexus One, has created quite a stir in the mobile world. but most of all it’s given the almighty iphone a run for its’ money! In the ongoing debate of which smartphone is better, cooler, faster…

Here are 6 features that the Google phone has which the iPhone doesn’t.

iphone vs nexus Smartphone Faceoff   Nexus One vs. IPhone

  1. It’s Unlocked – instead of going through wireless carriers, users can purchase the phone directly from google and can use it with any provider they want.
  2. It’s Cheaper – with a contract, the Nexus One is around $179 whereas the iPhone is $199. When factoring in the cost of a plan over 2 years (the usual length of a service contract from a carrier), the Google phone will cost you about $600 less per year.
  3. Extra Battery Life – not only does the google phone have a longer battery life (7 hours talk time as opposed to 5 for iphone) but it is equipped with a replaceable battery.
  4. Higher Quality Camera – Nexus One has a 5 megapixel camera with a flash compared to iPhone’s 3 megapixels.
  5. Open App Store – although the iPhone apps outnumber the Android apps (about 6 to 1), the Android’s market open platform means no application approvals – unlike iPhone apps.
  6. dictation – if you don’t feel like typing while using your Google phone, you can dictate your sms, emails, notes and more – with about 90% accuracy.

Do you use one of these phones? What is your opinion? Post your comments.

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