Crazy Woman on Plane

in general, i love to fly. actually, scratch that. i love travelling! however, there’s always the downside to travelling – if you’re unlucky, that is. if you are, then 2 out of 3 times you will end up with something or someone annoying the hell out of you on a flight. as for me, i have 5 plane pet peeves:

  1. smelly person sitting next to me – for God’s sake- take a shower, use deodorant, spray some perfume – i don’t know, but do something about that stench!
  2. sick person sitting next to me – if you were sick when you got on – then no excuse! if you got sick on the plane, then – really sorry – but i would highly appreciate you refraining from throwing up next to me – the smell alone will make me reciprocate your lovely gesture.
  3. chatty person sitting next to me – there’s no excuse for you to keep talking when you see me trying to sleep.
  4. crying baby anywhere around me – it just makes me want to cry too – since there’s absolutely nothing i can do. but i admit, i do feel bad for the poor mother who knows everyone is eyeballing her.
  5. stewardess who wakes you up to eat – do i look hungry to you? was it my state of deep sleep that gave away my roaring tummy? or is it that yummy plane food that is too good to miss?

this next one is not so much a pet peeve as it is ridiculously funny the first time you witness it.

  • people who clap when the plane lands – you know exactly what i mean if you’ve flown mea! i mean common’ folks, the plane is suppose to land – the pilot did not accomplish some miracle by landing it – it’s his freakin’ job! do people clap when you do your work on time?

i thought i only had these 5 pet peeves –  until i came across this video on youtube. therefore, you can now add a big fat number 6 to my list.

6. this crazy ass lady!

what are your airplane pet peeves? post your comments.

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