New IPhone 4G Coming in 2010?

in the ever-growing and demanding world of technology, one must attempt to remain up-to-date with all the new phone generations. with all the hype about the google phone – nexus one – coming out this january, it’s no wonder that iphone would have something in store as a come back. there’s just no end to this phone mania! every few months, if not weeks, there’s something better, faster or smarter that comes out. and i, as well as many, have ‘drawer fulls’ to show for! simple smile New IPhone 4G Coming in 2010?

rumor has it that there’s an iphone 4g in the making and that it’s due during the 2nd quarter of 2010. ture or false? i can’t tell you, but there’s a bunch of pictures floating around the net of some leaked or made up photos by some bored geek or iphone fanatic! in any case, here’s one of the pictures of what the iphone could potentially look like. but like i said, at this point, it’s still a bit early to tell whether this rumor has some truth to it. my guess is yes, seeing that iphone has launched a new model every year since it first came out. it wouldn’t be illogical or surprising that the 4g would be next.

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