Korean Woman Fails Driving Exam 949 Times!

[NOTE: The original title of this post was “950 Tries to Drive”]

 Korean Woman Fails Driving Exam 949 Times!

image credit: via Whatsonxiamen.com

I’m sure you’ve all heard it said at one time or another that Asians can’t drive! Maybe that’s why you see so many of them on bicycles… or maybe it’s just a stereotype – I don’t know, you tell me after reading this story.

A South Korean woman has been attempting to pass her written exam for a driver’s license since 2005! You may be thinking what’s the big deal? Many people have failed the exam a few times. The big deal is: she didn’t fail it a few times. She’s failed it 949 times – or 237 times a year for 4 years!  Talk about persistence…

Are they seriously gonna’ let this 68 year old woman drive? Of course she still needs to pass her driving test first, and that may take another 4 years or so; meaning that by that time she’ll be 72. I could go on and on about this, and normally I probably would – by making a few wise-cracks or a couple sarcastic jokes; but instead, I’ve decided to end the tale of the ‘unbelievable drive and trials of Cha Sa – soon’. You know what they say – if at first you don’t succeed than try and try and try and try and try…again!

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