How To Make A Metal Detector

so you’re strolling along the beach and you stumble across a rusty old coin which looks like it dates back to the early 16th century. although it probably doesn’t you simply decide that  its from that time period because a wave of intelligence has suddenly struck you and your long lost passion of becoming a treasure hunter has returned – plus, you figure it’s pretty cool to feel like you know what you’re talking about.

at that point you already see yourself on the cover of next month’s time magazine entitled “the discovery of the century”. you’ve been coined as ‘the  modern day magellan’, ‘the savior of long lost artifacts’, ‘the next gazillionaire’! but wait…is one measly coin enough? there has to be more! if only you had a metal detector with you.

and that’s when you run home, log on to youtube, find the instructional video and start making one on your own. so for all you dreamers out there, watch the tutorial below to learn how to make a metal detector in just a few minutes using old junk.

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