Miss Plastic Pageant

Are you serious?…as one of my good friends would so comically exclaim! As if the idea of having a miss plastic contest wasn’t nutty enough to begin with, the loss of one of the contestants was blamed at her boob overload. apparently, Alexandra Horvath’s new rack caused  her to topple off her high heels and injure herself – all because she hadn’t gotten use to the extra weight up top. In other words… she tipped over! At this point, the only image I have in my head is that of  the mean cow tipping game; where you sneak up on a sleeping, upright cow and push it over for fun.

What if Horvath had won? If  she thought her hair extensions were a bit on the heavy side, then surely the weight of the crown would have knocked her over for good!

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Isn’t it enough that we already have to listen to every ‘Miss’ something or other who has as much general knowledge as an ox, preach to us about world peace…and now this? What questions would they even ask the contestants? ‘Ms. Budapest, can you tell us how your  big bossoms and plumpy lips will benefit you in giving back to your community?

I mean really! What mastermind came up with the idea for this pageant? Because if you ask me, in some fucked up sort of way its absolutely brilliant; not to mention the great exposure that the surgeons will receive.

For those of you who live in the same country as I do, you know exactly what I mean! If i’m not mistaken, we rank 2nd in the world – after Brazil- for amount of plastic surgeries. Can you just imagine the scene if every pretty and proud plastic woman in town was to parade herself up and down an aisle alongside her favorite surgeon? I don’t think its a stage we’ll need… more like an olympic-sized standium!

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Oh So Natural!

I think we’ve got a goldmine of an idea here (hint hint!)


On a more serious and justifiable note though –  the original idea behind the contest was to show that surgery is not all about big breasts and bulbous lips. I really think there is much truth to this, especially when you consider the other, more pressing reasons to have plastic surgery; however, in this unfortunate and ironic twist of events, miss ‘clumsy cupcakes‘ came close to discrediting the otherwise valid nature of the contest’s original purpose.

There’s actually a bit more to this plastic pageant story. Understandably, I chose to focus on this occurrence due to obvious humorous reasons.

For the full facts and details, press on the direct link below.

Hungary Holds ‘Miss Plastic’ Pageant

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