Google Wave: Real Time Communication & Collaboration on the Way

i’m not gonna’ pretend to be the most tech-savvy person on the planet, or in the neighborhood for that matter, but i do like to think that i’m relatively up-to-date with the things that i actually use. therefore, i will attempt to keep you informed about the latest, more interesting technological breakthroughs and news.

i realize that for some – and i’m not pointing fingers at a specific gender – the technology category (tech talk) may not be the first you’ll click on, but in case you decide to do so, you will find some information that may just wow you.

on that note… here is my first tech talk post about google’s upcoming internet communications platform known as google wave.

what is google wave you ask? well, up until 10 minutes ago, i  had absolutely no idea. So instead of me trying to explain and pretty much regurgitating what i just learned, i figured it would be a lot more interesting for you to watch this terrific 2 min video.

you can also go to the official google wave website and watch the original loooonger video.

don’t get too excited because google wave is only in beta/limited preview for the time being, but you can request an invitation to try it, as i just did; and then patiently wait.

after watching the original video, i can totally see how google wave will be the coolest way to communicate and collaborate online in real time.

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