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Google Wave: Real Time Communication & Collaboration on the Way

ShareTweet i’m not gonna’ pretend to be the most tech-savvy person on the planet, or in the neighborhood for that matter, but i do like to think that i’m relatively up-to-date with the things that i actually use. therefore, i will attempt to keep you informed about the latest, more interesting technological breakthroughs and news. […]

Drunk Kid Humps Toy Giraffe

ShareTweet [NOTE: The original title of this post was “Drunk McHumping”] How much must one guzzle down to make the term ‘drunken stupor’ the understatement of the year?  I mean c’mon Sean; a stuffed toy giraffe? Was it the long slim neck and the soft spotted coat that tickled your pickle…not once, but twice? Yes, […]

From Ass to Zebra

ShareTweet “an ass to the rescue!” a palestinian donkey is being taped up and spray painted so as to look  like a zebra for eid al – adha festival. pretty funny eh? but then take a moment to consider the surrounding factors and your reactions may start to differ. the different stages of reactions: your […]

Porky’s Farting Fiasco

ShareTweet Where do I begin? According to numerous experiements and field studies that have been conducted over the last century by some of the world’s greatest scientific scholars and geniuses, it has been concluded that: A gas leak smells like – rotten eggs Gas passed from an animal’s rectum smells like – sh…t Seeing that […]

Forgive Me Father for I Am Poor

ShareTweet The good thing about having a customized Yahoo news page is you get to pick the type of information you want to read everyday. So besides having the ever so popular, intellectual and informative news snippets from cnn international, Fox News, Sky News, BBC, NYT, WSJ, Reuters… and even our local action packed Daily […]

My First Blog!

ShareTweet Hi, Griddy here! So… I’ve finally decided to give this whole blog thing a try. It’s like high school peer pressure all over again – “come onnn, it’s cool, everyone’s doin it”! Except in high school whatever it was they were doing, rarely involved the use of the brain. So I said what the […]