Three Blogs You Must Read

Editor’s Note: Hello My Lovelies. Hope you’re all having a great week. I’m actually still on vacation though my trip is slowly coming to an end and I’m already starting to stress about returning to real life lol. OH well…such is the small price to pay for gallivanting the sands and seas.

As you might recall, I had my very first guest post featured on this blog this past week. My very dear friend Mufasa stepped in for me during my absence and wrote a kick-ass post which I’m sure will ring as true for you as it did for me and many, many others. This is the part where I tell you that if you haven’t read blah blah…read it now, now! And of course, share your thought with us while you’re there. You know how Marcus loves to hear what you think – as do I and everyone else in this awesome community!

Well, I’ve done it again. I asked another incredible blogger (who also happens to me my fabulous gal pal and VBFF) to step in and take the floor while I”m gone. Our very smart and adorable Aunt Gini has graced us with her virtual presence today and has shared with us 3 fantastic blogs that are an absolute must.

So without further ado, please welcome the very smart and popular Gini Dietrich from Spin Sucks and Spin Sucks Pro. If you’re not already stalking Gini, then Twitter is a good place to start. After that, I’d join her Facebook group which is as intelligent, happening and alive as her blog – and as they come for that matter. I’d give you her phone number and personal email but then she’d never agree to write here again so I better not ;).

Gini Dietrich Three Blogs You Must Read

Aunt Gini lookin' all serious and stuff lol ;).

A couple of weeks ago, solopreneur and PR pro extraordinaire, Kellye Crane, wrote a blog post title, “Three People You Must Read.”

She recommended Valeria MaltoniDavid Meerman Scott, and Jeremiah Owyang.

I concur!

Then Justin Goldsborough followed suit and recommended three of his own.

Well, Griddy aka Brigitte aka VBFF said I could write about anything so I’m going to do the same for you.

Three Blogs You Must Read

I’m going to take a different path and leave the PR/communication world for my recommendations. Instead, I’m going to look at really thoughtful leaders that have business, entrepreneurial, or leadership blogs.

The first is Jeff Jarvis who I, admittedly, have a brain crush on.

The crush started when I read “What Would Google Do.” It’s only increased since reading his blog consistently. But I’m finally willing to admit it publicly after he went off on Washington about the debt ceiling. I won’t repeat the vulgarity here, but it’s worth a trip to his blog to see it.

His blog, Buzz Machine, is a not-to-be-missed daily read. And, if you haven’t read “What Would Google Do,” do it now. Reading him makes me think about running my own businesses differently. Away from the echo chamber.

Coming into the second spot is Harvard Business Review. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, HBR has something for you.

In just the two past days, they covered everything from the U.S. economy and targeting female customers to managing cash flow and community service inside your company.

My favorite bloggers for them are Alexandra Samuel and Umair Haque.

And last, but most certainly not least, is nittyGriddy.

What? That’s cheating because you’re already reading her?

OK. Fine.

The third is Jay Rosen’s Pressthink.

Jay is a press critic, an observer of journalism’s habits. He also is a journalism professor at NYU, where he directs Studio20, a master’s level program that looks at journalism in the digital age.

To say he’s smart is putting it lightly. Even if you’re not into journalism or writing, his thinking explores what’s happening to our world because of technology. It’s smart, it’s savvy, and it’s pretty unconventional.

And there you have it. What are the three blogs you think everyone should read?

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  • KellyeCrane

    Way late to this, but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading Gini’s recommendations (who, as others note, must never sleep). Great call on including Jay Rosen! He should be required reading, but often doesn’t get enough attention from us PR-types. Thanks for sharing this with us, Griddy!

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    Ingrid, I really found Harvard Business Review to be a very interesting read. They have some really great article s on social media, finance and economic. Very informative articles written by some really smart people.

  • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

    OK I am going to shock you. I will not read the Harvard Business Review. I have a Finance Degree and many years observing Business. I read the economist cover to cover, business week, fortune, bloomberg. I read blogs when I can like Calculated Risk and Greg Mankiw when I can. And whenever I read an article on the HBR often I scratch my head and say really? Not always. More than half? yes. Not sure why. Sometimes I think because it is Havad (remember in Boston there are no R’s) people rubber stamp them too much.

    But I am starting to read Jeff Jarvis and will definitely check out Jay Possen on your recommendation.

    • Bill Dorman

      I love the accent, especially from a New Yorkah……… go park the cah………

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Ha! I use to do that one all the time – pahk the cah! :)

  • Stan Faryna

    Can I be honest?

    Jeff Jarvis is cool.

    Sometimes, Jeff Jarvis doesn’t say enough. Sometimes, he says too much. I can appreciate him – regardless.

    HBR is fluff. Forgive me Gini.

    I know! I know! Anything with Harvard in the name recommends itself by default. I remember when they opened up their forum. I was so disappointed. If you want business insight, get yourself a subscription to the McKinsey Quarterly. Of course, McKinsey doesn’t do Big Macs. It it doesn’t try to cover all subjects.

    Jay Rosen is insightful.

    I follow all three on Twitter for what seems like years.

    Here’s three netizens that are deeply meaningful to me (of course, my actual list goes to 42 at the moment)

    Dr. Nassim Taleb used to be on Twitter. He talks about black swans. He predicted the global economic flush. He’s no longer on Twitter because he thinks Twitter is for idiots – that it is not a meaningful platform for the exchange of serious ideas. But when he was on twitter, he rocked 140 characters like no one else.

    Dr. Jack King ( @DrJackKing ) has a genius of heart that you should not overlook – now that I have mentioned him. Jack is gentle. He is humble. He is a servant leader and we all can learn much from the man. He’s about creating a world of we. Leadership is not about power, Jack writes, it is all about love.

    Lorri Gosselin ( @lorigosselin or @lifeforinstance:twitter  ) is a friendly and important voice that speaks from the heart. She’s on to something big. She’s shooting from the heart. She’s on holiday for another week, I think, but when she gets back, I expect that we’ll all close in for the hug and set new records in commenting scores and votes.

    • The JackB

      Lori’s blog is fun and she has some great discussions.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        She sure does Jack!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Stan,
      Great of you to drop by and share your opinion as well as your recommendations. I too follow Lori and I think she’s just great – in every sense of the way. As for Dr. Taleb – I’m familiar with him as well and his black swans. I didn’t follow him on Twitter but I will disagree with him about what he thinks of the platform. You can in fact have very meaningful conversations which lead to friendships, opportunities, potential (new) business and a whole lot more.I’m not familiar with Jack King but I will make sure to check him out as soon as I can.Hope you had a good weekend.Cheers

    • Gini Dietrich

      I agree SOME of HBR is fluff. But there are some really good bloggers in there. You have to sort through the fluff to get to them. But they’re there!

      As for Lori – totally agree. Love her tons!

  • davinabrewer

    Some good picks, have to admit I hadn’t followed these that closely. I know when I took the HBR out of the Twitter to make room for others, I didn’t think to add it to the reader. Done, along with checking out these others. BTW I love ‘brain crush’ – that rocks. FWIW.

    • Gini Dietrich

      I also love brain crush!

  • Bill Dorman

    Is it August yet? All I know is @johnfalchetto:disqus @JackB and @twitter-117500958:disqus have this commenting vote thing rigged and looking forward for that to start fresh.

    Of course I don’t know a single one of those bloggers, but the tip off was when you said brain power and intelligent. You know, there are still some neighborhoods you just don’t belong in. However, I will check them out and if I need any translation I will be coming back to you………..just sayin’…….

    The three blogs I think everyone should read? Mine of course; I read it 4-5 times a day and comment every time, how do you think I got to 37 comments. After that I guess I would say yours and Griddy’s, but since I’m here I probably need to say that, huh?

    Truthfully? I don’t have favorites per se. I know the ones where I feel the most comfortable and have fun just being silly at times and the owner doesn’t seem to mind too much. But then again, it’s all about me, right? 

    Good to see you at Griddy’s and hope you have a great weekend.

    • Hajra

      37…last I saw your post showed a 3 digit number for comments!

      • Bill Dorman

        Kaarina rocks…………

        • The JackB

          Yes she does.

    • Nancy Davis

      I am from Jersey. I know nothing of this “rigging” you speak of. :)

      • Bill Dorman

        Joisey, home of the cement swimming shoes…………..:)

        • Nancy Davis

          I know nothing about those. The word is “allegedly” :) Jimmy Hoffa is “allegedly” buried under Giants Stadium…

        • Nancy Davis

          I know nothing about those. The word is “allegedly” :) Jimmy Hoffa is “allegedly” buried under Giants Stadium…

          • Howie at Sky Pulse Media

            Actually they didn’t find him when they built the new stadium. But they did find Dick Cheney’s Heart, Barack Obama’s Balls, George Bush Jrs Brain, Bill Clinton’s Self Restraint, and Ronald Reagan’s Soul. Imagine what this country would of been like had these things never been lost and buried 8)

          • Ingrid Abboud


      • The JackB

        I have family in Jersey…all kinds of family and have heard many stories about rigging- not the sailing kind either. 😉

    • The JackB

      All I know is that I was well ahead of the pack until recently. Looks like I need to work on things.

      • Ingrid Abboud

        You were well ahead of the pack my friend. You are July’s top commenter :)!

    • The JackB

      I should add that I am using your commenting technique here, just minus the natural wit you possess.

    • John Falchetto

      @a76049f6a32a1e633a732b81bafb98c9:disqus who said anything about rigging the vote? I just click a few times on the button which says “make your comment count twice’ and voila!

    • Gini Dietrich

      It’s August!

      • Bill Dorman

        My picture started showing up again too; I’m tellin’ ya, it was a conspiracy……………..

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I swear – I have no clue what happened. This thing could very possibly be on crack haha!
          I’m glad it’s showing up again – I see you’re only using this account now and not mixing it up between this one and your bdorrman264  – woohooo :).

  • Hajra

    I should try this too… go on a vacation and let others blog for me 😉 

    Will have to read your top three Gini, I did read Jeff’s blog for some time but somehow I haven’t read it for quite a while now, will get to undoing that!

    I find time to read around 30 posts a day…yes, I am a super fast reader… you all can clap now! But a new long hours job has diminished my ability! :(

    • Nancy Davis

      30? Wow! You know, I never really counted how many I read in a day. I would say it is more like 10 or 15. But that is because I comment on all of them so much.

      • Hajra

        Ya, I 😉 But that’s because I want people to come back to my blog…! 

      • The JackB

        I used to read far more blogs than I do now- but my time has shrunk and I find myself fighting to get through a handful.

        • Hajra

          I read around 30..but comment on only half of them; I used to comment more but then some people really don’t bother to acknowledge your comments, so why bother spending around 50 seconds on them?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      30 posts a day? WOW! That’s pretty impressive Hajra. 
      I admit there are some days when I’ve done that but lately I’ve been reading much less. In general I would say I read at least 10 if not more.

      And yes – having guest authors like the ones I’ve had this past week (and a couple more coming up) is simply awesome. I’m lucky and honored that they all agreed and outdid themselves with their great work!

    • Gini Dietrich

      30 posts a day!? Do you comment on all of them too??

      • Hajra

        I try my best… I am pretty good at commenting you see! But I make it a point to comment on at least 15 a day! Call me obsessive compulsive now…. and I can get pretty irritating too!

        • Gini Dietrich

          It’s OK – I’m OCD, too.

          • Ingrid Abboud

            You don’t say…. 😉

  • Stuart Mills

    Cool list of blogs to check out, I read a little Jeff Jarvis after following the link, and I’m amazed at what’s he done. Here in England, if you did that, you’d quickly find yourself on a reality TV show before being destroyed by the media. Not quite the same.

    Still, thanks for sharing these Gini, it’s a pleasure to find out what helps get your creative juices going. I feel like I know you a little better now (which is a good thing, don’t worry lol) :-)

    • The JackB

      I like Jarvis- very sharp guy.

    • Gini Dietrich

      I agree- Jarvis wouldn’t get by in many other countries. 

  • Rodneycdavis

    You don’t mention how funny you are, but that’s obvious enough.  Ok Griddy I’m still considering your recommendations. So far I’m only sold on one… yours.  I’m an aspiring writer with no training, so I know I need all the help I can get.  Guess who I have a teeny weeny bit of a brain crush on already.

    • Gini Dietrich

      Well, wait. Do you have a brain crush on Griddy or on me? I wrote the blog post, but she wrote the intro. She’s kind of nuts. I don’t know if you want to have a brain crush on her. :)

      • The JackB

        He has a crush on both of you but hasn’t found a smooth way to let you both know that he admires your brains and your beauty.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          Ahhhh…well said Jack! Hehe 😉

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Now, now Gini…let the man speak!!!
        What do you say we share the brain crush?

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hey Rodney and welcome :)

      Great of you to drop by and join the conversation. As for the recommendations – they’re all Gini’s as she’s the one who wrote the blog post – I only wrote the introduction cause she’s my guest here. Well – she’s not really guest actually. I like to think that this blog makes many people feel at home so they can always treat it as if it were their own.

      So who is the brain crush on finally?
      Hope to see you back here again soon.

  • Nancy Davis

    I read so many blogs in a day. i read – Seth Godin, Mitch Joel (who is so smart it is just crazy) Mark Schaefer (another one in my must read category) I also read this weird blog called Spin Sucks – you may have heard of it :)

    I also read often – Margie Clayman, Danny Brown, John Falchetto, Chriks Brogan, Christopher S. Penn, Marcus Sheridan and The Skool of Life. Those are my favorites.

    • Gini Dietrich

      What is this Spin Sucks you speak of?! :)

      I also read the same blogs. I love Chris Penn’s blog – so, so, so smart!

      • John Falchetto

        Same here who is Spin Sucks? 

      • Nancy Davis

        He is like super-freaky smart. I am going to buy his book, because if I like his blog, I am sure I will like the book.

        That Spin Sucks is this weird blog that nobody reads. They say a crazy person with Louisville Slugger keeps demanding cake. Weird.

        • Gini Dietrich

          I keep hearing about that cake request. We all shake our heads.

          • Nancy Davis

            You know, its a lonely existence, here with no one to talk to and no cake….

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Spin Sucks is not for age Gini! You’re not old enough for that yet! Hihihi

    • John Falchetto

      Thanks Nancy, nice to see I come before Brogan in your list :)

      • Nancy Davis

        John, you will always be before Chris in my book 😉

      • The JackB

        You are well ahead of me on that list too.

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Awesome reading list you got there Nancy. I read all of these as well – except for Godin – I rarely make it over there. 

  • Marcus Sheridan,The Sales Lion

    Griddy, I just have one question—Who’s the hot babe in the photo??? I’m not sure if ‘Aunt’ Gini is fitting for a gal that can strike a pose like that 😉

    Ok, seriously @ginidietrich:disqus , how many blogs do you read regularly? I already envy your ability to get more things done in a day than any one single human being possibly should, but how you find to still read so much other stuff blows me away….Hmmm, you should do a post on SS about you hourly schedule throughout a normal day. That’d be fun. And would only get 653 comments. 😉

    • Gini Dietrich

      Hang on – I’ll be right back.

      OK. I subscribe to 118 blogs. I comment on maybe 1/8 of them, but I scan them all. Right now I have 410 blog posts in my Reader I haven’t gotten to yet this week. Tomorrow I’ll spend a couple of hours going through and reading and commenting. But I always limit my time – if I don’t get to what’s left, I don’t. 

      I also read blog posts that people DM to me or I catch on Twitter or G+. Maybe 10 a day is all. 

      But I have it all organized really well so I don’t miss certain people (you) and, if I run out of my time, I don’t get to the last folder.

      • John Falchetto

        410 blogs in your reader ! You’ll need to share how your organize them Gini

        • Gini Dietrich

          No, no. 410 blog posts. For instance, I think I have three or four of yours I haven’t read yet. But, because you’re in my “DO NOT MISS” folder, I’ll be comment bombing tomorrow. 

          • Nancy Davis

            Maybe I should put my blogs into my reader. I can be very disorganized. I need to streamline my reading and commenting.

            • John Falchetto

              It’s the best I have done in the past few months Nancy, it makes keeping up to date a lot easier.

            • Ingrid Abboud

              I think I need to do that as well Nancy!

          • davinabrewer

            I do that.. go on reading, commenting, sharing runs when I’ve stockpiled things I don’t want to miss. Don’t make it to everything of course.. and like @twitter-117500958:disqus I need to do a better job streamlining.

        • Ingrid Abboud

          I have 417 blog posts in my reader right now :(. But I guess it’s understandable since I haven’t done much of it since I’ve been on vacay!

      • Ingrid Abboud

        Ummmm – and me? Yes? No? Please, thank you :).

    • Nancy Davis

      “A Day In the Life of Ms. Gini” that would be both interesting and informative! I would totally leave a nice loving, non-sarcastic comment!

      • Gini Dietrich

        But then I’d wonder what the heck was wrong with you!

        • Nancy Davis

          And then you would realize it wasn’t me. :) I can’t leave a totally sarcasm free comment, not for you!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      The hot babe is from a magazine. I cut out the pic cause I thought it looked cool Muwahaha!
      As for Aunt Gini – she puts R2D2 to shame! He’s child’s play compared to her!

  • Black Seo Guy

    I will check them out and give you my feed back soon..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

    • Gini Dietrich

      I think you’ll really like Jeff Jarvis. He’s really, really smart.

  • Gini Dietrich

    Um, thanks for the intro? I also love the caption you added to the photo. LOL! And shhhh! I don’t have personal email or phone. Jeez, Brigitte!

    • Ingrid Abboud

      Hahah! Glad you liked the caption and I just had to have an intro that wasn’t like the usual ones we so often read ;).

      Oh and don’t worry – I didn’t give out your personal info to the 200 people who called and emailed me – I just had a small contest and the winners get your home address, shoe size and favorite wine list lol!!!

      Who is this Brigitte person you mentioned? 😉